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Artist Susie Kwiatkowski‘s home captures her curated aesthetic perfectly. It’s a blend of antiques with a touch of Palm Beach Chic, all tied together with Susie’s colorful, floral oil paintings. It’s no surprise that Susie has an eye for interiors with her resume including work at an interior design firm and Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International. After an afternoon chatting with Susie and touring her home, I gained a new design & art enthusiast friend and a fresh addition to the Interiors by Jacquin Home Tour Series!

Jacquin: How would you describe your painting style? Who would love your artwork?

Susie: My style depends on the medium and whether it is bespoke for a client, or of my own musings. A common thread in my work is a bright and cheerful point of view. My goal is to capture beautiful moments, enhance what draws me to them, and hang on for dear life!

People who like my art are confident and know what they love.  Big thank you to my clients for keeping me busy with their fabulous requests and encouragement!

Hydrangea Light IX – by Susie Kwiatkowski

Jacquin: How did your passion develop for painting flowers?

Susie: Like many creatives before me, there is something so special and unattainable and I MUST RECREATE THEM.  They are a fleeting occurrence depending on the season, (and the gardener).  They improve any surrounding.  Let’s bottle that!

Jacquin: You mentioned that you decided to change majors in college to focus on art. What made you decide to change your career focus to becoming an artist?

Susie: I was bouncing between majors/minors.  I loved history, but had no direction.  I was doing well in psych and other behavioral studies… takes one to know one!  But did not feel passionate or challenged.  I did not consider art school until my parents made the suggestion.  They have always said, “Do what you love and make money doing it!”

Jacquin: What is your favorite painting you’ve created so far?

Susie: To date, it has to be Hydrangea Light VII (shown below). However, there is a persistent feeling that my favorite piece has yet to be created.  There are so many ideas and visions dancing in my head that I have yet to express… “Artists…”

Hydrangea Light VII – Available for purchase at Mecox

Jacquin: How has your experience been working as a professional artist? What advice would you give to others pursuing a career as an artist or creative professional?

Susie: It has been truly incredible!  The highs are high and the lows are a blessing in disguise!

Balance is important.  I used to keep a side gig for additional income, social interaction, and a proper schedule.  However, a lot of my work is commission based, and I am a “Yes!” person who loves a deadline!  It was difficult to keep everything running smoothly.  I took my art full time in 2019, but I miss having a strict schedule and social banter with my former work peeps!  We have a bébé en route this January that is sure to fill the void.

More advice: Say “Yes!”. Know your worth. And something I have yet to master, market yourself!  I cannot stand talking about my own work.  I’m often promoting others.  Be your own cheerleader.

Jacquin: What would be your dream project to work on?

I would love to try a mural.  The scale terrifies me in the best way, I know I need to take the plunge! My closest attempt may be my Hydrangea panels that were installed at The Slate, thanks to the very talented Jennifer Klos of The Collector House.

Jacquin: What are your favorite places for shopping and inspiration in the Dallas area?

  1. Mecox Gardens
  2. Nick Brock Antiques
  3. The Garden Gate
  4. La Vie Style House https://www.laviestylehouse.com
  5. St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange
  6. Museums! They are inspirational and have fabulous gift shops with items specific to their collections and exhibitions.

Photography Credit: Khadijah Martin

Learn more about Susie Kwiatkowski’s artwork here.

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