Low-Maintenance Surfaces For Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms can be a real hassle to clean. They are usually somewhat cramped and feature a variety of different materials and surfaces that can require multiple different cleaners and pieces of equipment just to get the job done. If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom but you’d also like to cut down on the level of maintenance you need to perform, here are some low-maintenance surfaces you can use for your next bathroom remodel. 

1. Engineered Quartz Countertops

There’s a reason why quartz bathroom countertops are in high demand. Their natural beauty is astounding, and quartz itself is very durable and low-maintenance. You don’t have to worry about sealing it because quartz is non-porous. It also stands up very well against heat. This is another low-maintenance material that has the added benefit of being supremely beautiful. 

2. Solid Surface Fabrication

This material is man-made and usually consists of a combination of pigments, polyester resins, acrylic, or epoxy. Solid surface is great because not only is it very low-maintenance and durable, it can be fitted for vanities, sinks, shower walls, countertops, and more. Solid surface shower panels are becoming a trend as well. The material itself is very versatile and can be customized to the highest degree. It’s also easier to clean because it features no grooves, grout, or tiles. A basic cleaner will do just fine. 

3. Spot-Free Glass

Innovation in glass-making technology has led to the latest development in low-maintenance bathrooms, spot-free shower glass. This glass is built to resist spots that naturally build up on other materials and cause those ugly shower spots. With spot-free glass, you don’t have to worry about using any special cleaners or applying a fancy coating to your shower glass to prevent it from spotting. Your cleaning time will be reduced dramatically as well. 

4. Stainless Steel Finishes

Unless you absolutely need the shiny finish of polish or chrome, installing stainless steel will lessen your faucet cleaning duties. Stainless steel and other surfaces like satin nickel as well as satin chrome are far better at hiding fingerprints and water spots, meaning you won’t need to wash them as often to get the same effect. 

You could also consider going with a single lever faucet. These faucets aren’t quite as much of a chore to clean as faucets with two handles and a spout. They only feature a single mounting point on your countertop which means less to navigate around as you do a wipe down. 

Cleaning Your Bathroom Doesn’t Have to be Hard

You shouldn’t have to dread cleaning day when it comes to your bathroom. Many people do because they have things like tiled showers or granite countertops that require extra attention. By implementing a few of the things in this article, however, you can cut your bathroom cleaning time in half. Solid surface fabrication, stainless steel faucets, spot-free glass, and quartz bathroom countertops will all make your life much easier and leave you with more time to do other things besides cleaning. 

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