KUFRI Showroom Opening – Handwoven Textiles!

Attention textile lovers! KUFRI, the impressive handwoven textile company based in Dallas has opened its flagship showroom and weaving studio. KUFRI textiles is owned by Mili Suleman, a friend and design industry creative who was featured on the blog last year. If you missed her previous home tour and Designer Spotlight segment, you can check it out here. When you visit the KUFRI showroom you’ll get to see and feel her fabulous handwoven textiles, in addition to browsing their new wallpaper collection and more.

KUFRI offers a collection of brightly colored textiles in addition to a range of more neutral textile designs to accommodate all of your design needs. You can take a look at her collection of neutral colored textiles further in this blog post. KUFRI also sells stunning ceramic vases, which is one of her newest showroom additions. I really love the flow of the showroom layout and how nicely everything is curated. Definitely a lot of design inspiration here!

It was exciting to see the weaving process live during the showroom opening! Fiber artist and KUFRI team member Casey Johnson gave me a quick explanation on how this huge handloom works. The process is quite extensive and an art form on its on. Seeing the process really proves just why handwoven textiles are so coveted. Each piece is one of a kind.

The KUFRI wallpaper collection was equally impressive. The designs are so creative! All of KUFRI’s products are available throughout the United States, so you don’t have to be in Dallas to get your hands on these stunning textiles or wallpaper.

I appreciate Mili showing me around the new showroom. I am looking forward to creating something great with her textiles in the near future. Be sure to follow KUFRI on Instagram or visit the website to stay up to date on new additions. You can stop by the showroom for a visit to see KUFRI’s offerings in person.

Photography by Katie Nixon

The KUFRI showroom & studio is located at 1152 Mississippi Ave., Dallas, TX 75207.

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5 Tips to Upgrade Your Bathroom

via Elle Decor – Designed by Jean-Louis Deniot, Simon Upton Photography

A drab and out-dated bathroom can impact your overall mood. If you are ready to try something that better reflects your style and taste, why not start with your upgrading your bathroom? Your bathroom is the most important room in the house. With the average person spending over a year and a half of their life in their bathroom, it’s worth turning it into something you’ll enjoy for a long time. Our previous article on A Bathroom to Suit Every Style illustrates several luxurious styles which you can incorporate into your own home. So, with that in mind, here are a few more tips and ideas for when you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom.

1. Create a Spa-Like Atmosphere

Turn your bathroom into a relaxing Zen retreat, with luxurious high-end fixtures, calming subdued colors, a soaker tub, steam shower, and soft-lighting. For this design style, look no further than Japanese bathroom designs. Lushhome states that bathing is an art and spiritual activity in Japan, and a soaking tub is often the focal point in a traditional Japanese bathroom. For your own design, look to incorporate a free-standing, luxurious Japanese style soaking tub, made from natural materials, and simple functional design. In this sense, wood is the ideal material for creating a spa-like, peaceful atmosphere, with mahogany and teak having unique textures and beautiful, natural shades. Couple this with earthy color shades to add natural energy and lighting that incorporates dimmers to enhance your design with a pleasant, soothing effect and soft glow.

2. Ensure Your Pipes and Plumbing are Checked

To make sure your existing plumbing system can support the latest in luxury plumbing fixtures, it should be inspected prior to any major fixture installation. New smart products for bathrooms are trending and are creating luxuriously tailored experiences for homeowners. Grohe UK’s Paul Bailey explains that smart installations like Bluetooth controlled showers and toilets are helping create the perfect home spas. So, before you start, you should have the plumbing and pipes checked to see if they meet the recommended standards and can cope with the new connected luxury fixtures. Plumbing experts at HomeServe note how it is best to be prepared for the unexpected, especially when it comes to burst pipes and blocked drains. When making big changes to your bathroom it pays to get your water systems checked by a professional.

via Cococozy

3. Use Natural Stone Tile

Every natural stone is unique and is perfect in creating a timeless look and calming energy. Stone is perfect for insulating heat that will help keep your home warm in winter and cool in the summer. Natural stone like granite and marble are great conductors of heat and can be easily adaptable to a variety of below-surface radiant heating systems. Marble, in particular, has a beautiful, elegant and unique look.

The latest trends in bathroom tile design in the U.S. highlight new styles like walk-in-showers that feature a luxurious floor surface full of large marble slabs that hide the linear drainage lines beneath. Elle Decor notes how full marble flooring is a bespoke detail that will feel extra luxe with matching marble walls.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that marble is a high maintenance option requiring frequent cleaning and sealing. On the other hand, granite is much more durable, requires less maintenance and still retains the high aesthetic qualities that will complement your luxury bathroom. Both granite and marble can be difficult to install and will require professional installation services.

via Better Homes & Gardens

4. Add Comfortable Seating

Another popular trend in the U.S., and found in nearly every high-end bathroom, is to incorporate comfortable seating. An elegant couch, tufted ottoman or an ornately carved armchair are not only practical, but add an air of luxury. Whether you’re looking to sit down and towel off or just want a place to do your nails and makeup, Better Homes & Gardens states that a cushioned couch or armchair really increase the comfort level. Not only will it make your bathroom more stylish but it will also make it a place where you’ll want to spend more time to unwind and relax.

via Elle Decor – Photography William Abranowicz

5. Install Radiant Heating

Let’s face it; cold floors during the winter make waking up in the morning a daunting prospect. This is why radiant heating is popular across the world, especially in regions where the winter months get really cold like in Canada and Japan. So, why not eliminate cold mornings with some under-floor radiant heating? Your bathroom is the ideal place for radiant heating. Apart from the fact that it will warm up your flooring and maintain a cozy temperature, unlike forced-air heating, radiant floor heating slowly drifts up through the bathroom, keeping your space heated for longer. Heated floors are also very energy efficient and the heat distribution will be much more even. Compared to forced-air heating, radiant heating can save you 10-30% on your monthly heating bill.

Touring the Lebanon Home of Designer Chantal Jerdi

We’ve landed in Lebanon today for our virtual home tour feature! We’re showcasing the home of Chantal Jerdi, an architect turned interior designer with eclectic style. 

Jacquin: What inspired you to become an architect? What was the most unexpected part about your training? -or- What was the most unexpected part about actually working as an architect?

Chantal: I was born and raised in a family of architects; my father is an architect and my mother is an interior designer. So I was immersed in the architectural field ever since I was a child, and decided to pursue it further by becoming an architect myself. After working in the architectural family business for several years, I found myself more and more drawn to interior design. I started taking on more interior design projects and a couple of years ago I decided to start working on my own as a full-time interior designer.

Jacquin: How would you describe the decor style of your home? What was most difficult about decorating your space?

Chantal: My décor style at home and in my work is eclectic. It can be mixing between classic and more modern elements or mixing between different design movements, such as Scandinavian, bohemian and so forth. As an interior designer, I grew to appreciate many different decorating styles and wanted to incorporate them all in my home! I was in love with certain design elements of the industrial movement, the modern one and even the vintage one! I believe incorporating vintage décor elements into a space makes it more personal and gives it a unique touch. It makes it full of personality and more ‘homey’. That was my biggest challenge: mixing all of the elements I love in order to create a harmonious home.

Jacquin: Did you add any custom architectural features to the interior or exterior of your home?

Chantal: My husband and I bought our home when it was still under construction. It is a two-story apartment, and at the time of our purchase there were no internal partitions or walls. It was left as is in order for the future home-owner to divide it according to their needs. It was a dream come true for me, as designing the space planning was also one of my requirements when searching for an apartment.

When we first bought the apartment, I realized that we had an amazing unobstructed view on the sea from the entrance, and I designed my whole house in order to preserve that view and that connection to the outside. You can see the view from almost every room on the first floor; from the entrance as soon as you step inside to the big open space that includes the living and dining areas, as well as from the kitchen. I added a chimney on the first floor in the open space that creates the perfect cozy atmosphere on cold winter nights. Every room is thought and designed in a functional yet aesthetic way that allows us to enjoy the big spaces we like.

Our master bedroom is on the second floor and is also located on the main view of the house. It has a master bathroom and a custom-made walking-closet. The rest of the second floor is also divided into bedrooms, and there is also a master bedroom on the first floor. Our whole house is custom-made not only from an interior design point of view but also from an architectural point of view.

Jacquin: Do you have any unique custom furniture or vintage pieces at home?

Chantal: Yes!  For our wedding a family friend offered us a gorgeous vintage handmade wooden cabinet, which I have placed in my bedroom. I remember falling in love with it when I first saw it! And a few months later, I became its lucky owner.

Jacquin: Do you enjoy entertaining friends and family at home? Do you have a special recipe you like to make when you have guests visiting?

Chantal: I enjoy having friends over a glass of wine and a good dinner, and gathering with the family on weekends for lunch. We especially like Lebanese food and one of my favorite recipes that I make for my guests is the fattoush salad. It’s light, healthy, delicious and very easy to do! Here is the perfect recipe from The Mediterranean Dish.

Jacquin: Where are you favorite places in Lebanon fo unique home decor?

Chantal: There are so many nice furniture places for furniture shopping in Lebanon! I especially love BHV and West Elm for their home accessories and Farra store for furniture shopping.

Jacquin: What’s next for your company?

Chantal: I am currently working on my website and my blog, where I will be sharing décor tips and tricks with my readers! This is the main plan for the year along with working of course on my interior design projects. 

You can follow the work of Chantal Jerdi via her Pinterest profile or visit her website here.

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Japanese Shou Sugi Ban

Shou Sugi Ban is the Japanese technique of burning or charring wood. It’s a stunning wood treatment to consider for the modern and contemporary home, especially for those wanting to make an eye-catching statement. This charring technique creates a richly hued, dark color in wood that actually highlights the unique texture and grain of each piece of wood. It also happens to dramatically increase the wood’s durability and strength, which is another noteworthy bonus to Shou Sugi Ban, and happens to be the main reason this technique was initiated in Japan centuries ago.

via Barn Light Electric Company
Shou Sugi Ban tree stump coffee table – with free shipping!

There are some cutting edge, contemporary designs being produced using Shou Sugi Ban techniques. The coffee tables shown and the furniture below are beautiful examples of contemporary Shou Sugi Ban furniture.

Shou Sugi Ban & Burnished Steel Primal Coffee Table by Egg Designs
via Emrahus
Interior Design Laboratorium

The steps necessary to accomplish a Shou Sugi Ban wood technique are actually relatively simple, but it still needs to be done with great care and safety. Of course learning how to build your own furniture with Shou Sugi Ban wood would be a feat, but simpler applications like a paneled accent wall could be more easily achieved by the average person.

Step-by-Step Shou Sugi Ban Process:

1) Burn the wood – Use a propane torch to char the wood. Add scorch marks to areas of the wood, without completely blackening the entire piece of wood. Make sure to be safe by wearing protective glasses and keeping water and a fire extinguisher near by.

2) Brush the wood – After you have finished burning the wood to your liking, then wet the wood and scrub it with a wire brush. The more you brush the wood with the wire brush, the lighter the finish will become. Stop at your desired wood tone.

3) Wash the wood – Thereafter you need to wash the wood to remove the dust and loose charred pieces. Then allow to completely dry.

4) Finish the wood – Seal and finish the wood once dried with Tung or Penefin Oil to preserve your Shou Sugi Ban’d wood long term.

via Snickeriet
via Grassroots Modern – Sett Studio Prefab

When charring wood you’ll find that there are range of shades you can accomplish depending on how extensively you burn the wood. With a lighter hand, you will create variations of wood tones with some darker areas like in the wood above, but with a heavier hand you can create a completely ebony shade of wood.

Design by Mindy Gayer

I personally love the idea of using Shou Sugi Ban wood for an exterior door or coffee table. While you can stain wood black, there is something special about the effect that charring wood creates. It’s the kind of wood treatment you should select if you really want to make a bold statement. There are several companies providing Shou Sugi Ban wood planks for flooring and other uses ready to go! Check out Reclaimed DesignWorks, CharredWood.com, and Montana Timber Products to see their Shou Sugi Ban wood collections.

Below you’ll see the design work of Stefan Bishop. After this designer’s expert Shou Sugi Ban application, each ring within the interior of the wood pops out with dramatic flair. Truly a work of art!

Furniture design by Stefan Bishop

How would you use Shou Sugi Ban within your home? Would you give it a try for your home’s exterior paneling, or perhaps your cabinets or a coffee table? Share you Shou Sugi Ban preferences in the comments below!

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Burlington Design Gallery – One Stop Shop for Your Home!

Burlington Design Gallery is a 5 acre showroom and warehouse filled with all the materials you may need for your next home renovation. I was truly impressed by just how unique all of their selections are. There is absolutely no reason a customer couldn’t create a one-of-a-kind design with their broad range of selections. I had the opportunity to tour this enormous showroom when invited by owner Simi Kapoor. While this shop has newly launched its Irving, TX location just outside of Dallas, they provide materials for customers across the United States. Learn more about this exciting design showroom in our video tour below!

One of many unique finds at Burlington Design Gallery is their range of mosaic tile options to choose from. You don’t often see mosaic work in home interiors, but I think it adds a special touch for the customer looking for more artistic materials to work with. You can see a sampling of their mosaic wall below.

As you browse Burlington Design Gallery you will become inspired by their options for your kitchen, bathroom, outdoors and beyond. Everything is curated in a way to give you an idea of just how nice each selection could look in your home. The beautiful tile backsplash below is a showstopper! Just another fantastic option available at their showroom.

Burlington Design Gallery also houses a huge warehouse for its selection of stone slabs. Their inventory is changing constantly and there are always beautiful options to choose from. Their Instagram page is a great place to see what stone options are available at a particular time. I love that they offer the book matched stone varieties for that added touch of drama.

Another exciting fact about Burlington Design Gallery is that they are the exclusive distributor of Domiziani products for the United States. Domiziani provides artisan ceramic sink basins and surfaces that are all one-of-a-kind works of art. Each piece is customized to your color preferences and size requirement, allowing you to add a piece of artwork to your home in a non-traditional way.

Editorial layouts by Alexandra Johnson

Be sure to visit Burlington Design Gallery‘s Irving, TX location to shop their stunning materials for your next home renovation project. If you are not local to Texas, their unique selections are still available to you. Follow along on Instagram or subscribe to their newsletter for up to date details on their products and events. When you next visit, tell them that Interiors by Jacquin sent you!


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Chic Chandelier Roundup – 16 Top Picks!

These contemporary chandeliers are seriously showstoppers! Try adding one of these chic selections to your dining room, kitchen, living room, or bedroom. A dramatic chandelier would also be a nice touch for a stylish office. Visit the links below to learn more about each of these lighting options. And I’d love to know which chandelier is your favorite in the comments below!

1. Melt Smoke Mega Pendant System – Tom Dixon

2. Perivolos Rattan Pendant Lamp – Carlyle Avenue

3. Wormhole 6-Arm Ceiling Lamp in Black & Gold – Horne

4. Elk Lighting 18″ Incandescent Chandelier in Matte Black – DecorPlanet

5. Eurofase 12 Light Chandelier – 1 Stop Lighting

6. Hammerton Studio 62″ Gem Chandelier – Bellacor

7. Cyprus Point Chandelier in Antique Silver Leaf – Signature Hardware

8. Elmira Polished Nickel 6-Light Pendant Chandelier – Signature Hardware

9. Beat Brass Range Linear Pendant System – Tom Dixon

10. Elegant Lighting Madison Gold Iron Chandelier – Bellacor

11. Avenue Lighting Fairfax Chandelier – PlanetDecor

12. Malibu Chandelier in Weathered Blue by Regina Andrew – Burke Decor

13. Diamond Lighting Blind Tiger 32″ Chandelier – DecorPlanet

14. Melt Large Range Round Chandelier – Horne by Tom Dixon

15. Diamond Lighting Frosted Cloud Chandelier – PlanetDecor

16. Dolcetti Chandelier by Corbett Lighting – Burke Decor

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Art Hotels – The Trending Phenomena

If you have ever had a destination vacation, you have probably done your fair share of hotel research. Normally, people look at hotel reviews on its cleanliness, service, and location. However, these days travelers want more than just an average lodging option, they want an experience, and art hotels are the perfect answer to this.

The Ellerman House – Capetown, South Africa
The Ellerman House – Capetown, South Africa

Art hotels are an up and coming phenomena around the world. For those who are not aware of what an “art hotel” is exactly, to put it simply, they can be described as luxury hotels that have chosen extravagant artwork to decorate the interiors or exteriors of their rooms. However, the term “art hotel” could mean several different things. For some hotel businesses, it means that they invest in a collection of original artwork to showcase in their lobbies, bedrooms, and bathrooms. For other hotel businesses, it means that they showcase installations of different up and coming artists in their spaces. Both of these takes on art hotels allow travelers to have a unique experience while traveling. They are not just staying at another ordinary hotel with ordinary artwork that you could find at Ikea or Target; they are visiting a one-of-a-kind uniquely decorated hotel, and that is something to write home about.

The Ellerman House – Capetown, South Africa
The Ellerman House – Capetown, South Africa

One of the most luxurious art hotels in the world is called The Ellerman House. This art hotel is a five-star, internationally acclaimed hotel located in Cape Town, South Africa. It is the home to a collection of original art pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also tell the rich historical story of South Africa. Personally, I think it is important to know about the culture and history of the place you are visiting. With this in mind, I found it extremely commendable that this hotel offers patrons a personal tour guide for the collection of artwork displayed. This allows their travelers to have a full understanding of the extensive history from the mid-nineteenth to twentieth century of Cape Town. The Ellerman House is definitely a luxurious art hotel that you should check out if you’re in the area!

The Ellerman House – Capetown, South Africa
The Ellerman House – Capetown, South Africa

Now, South Africa might be far away for most of you, and you should know that you don’t have to go far and wide to find a fun and exciting art hotel. The Hotel Des Arts is art hotel in California with a different take on the meaning of an “art hotel”. It is located in the heart of San Francisco. As many of you know, San Francisco has a copious amount of street artwork that is pertinent to the city, and this hotel reflects the culture of street artists inside each room. There are thirteen tourist rooms and 38 residential rooms, each decorated with a different permanent mural or installation created by rising artists from around the world. When it comes to the design of each room, the artists had full artistic freedom for the murals and installations that covered the walls of the bedrooms. The floor-to-ceiling paintings create a unique interactive experience for each patron, bringing the culture right into the room with them. The hallways contain temporary artwork that can be purchased, and this artwork is switched out every few months. This is one out of many art hotels located inside of the United States that offers a unique lodging experience for each guest.

Hotel Des Art – San Fransisco
Hotel Des Art – San Fransisco
Timothy Paul Myers’s “Alizarin” on display in the lobby of The Peninsula Hong Kong. Photograpy: Simon J. Nicol

All in all, art hotels provide an exciting, one-of-a-kind experience for patrons, whether that may be from the unique room designs or from the original collection of artwork hanging on the walls. Art hotels can make a vacation so much more interesting, enriching, and memorable. So, for your next destination vacation, I suggest researching an art hotel to stay at!

Check-in lobby at 21c Museum Hotel in Oklahoma City. 21c also has locations in Chicago, Nashville, St. Louis, and Lexington, KY,

Article by Julianna Carl – Interiors by Jacquin intern

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At Home with Artist Mione Plant

It is always a pleasure to see the home interiors of creative artists, and today’s exciting feature is no exception. I was thrilled when artist Mione Plant welcomed me into her home for a tour and discussion on her artistry. Mione Plant is an engineer turned artist with a whimsical, illustrative approach to painting. Her artwork is inspired by a childlike sense of wonder, and most surprisingly, an extensive collection of stuffed animals! Read on to see how these inspirations have come together in creating the home decor and colorful paintings of this artist. Mione’s style at home and approach to painting definitely highlight the heart and interests of this artist.

Mione’s living room in her Dallas home.

One of Mione’s primary inspirations when it comes to selecting subjects for her paintings happen to be stuffed animals. Mione is mom to a three year old son who influences her daily as she observes how he discovers the world around him, while getting so much joy out of his toys and stuffed animals. The real feat may be that Mione has even has managed to incorporate these furry toys into her home’s decor with style and ease. Mione’s interest in a more whimsical approach to life is a thread you’ll find tying together both her home style and art style.

Mione’s painting “Follow Your Bliss” (above) is the focal point of her warm and inviting living room. This artwork was inspired by a plastic, toy dinosaur, which makes a surprising appearance in this playful work. Mione’s living room is light and bright with loads of visual interest and creativity to capture the curious mind.

“Follow Your Bliss” painting

“I love to surround myself with objects and mementos that will catch my eye and evoke the feeling of childhood. Inspiration from these playful objects consistently find their way into my work. I strive with my paintings to connect us to the happy innocence of our younger days, while simultaneously telling the story of our adult pursuit of meaning and purpose.”

-Mione Plant

Don’t miss the lips on the wall in Mione’s kitchen! Her playful, contemporary art collection is continued into her kitchen as well. I also enjoyed the African inspired textiles in her kitchen and dining area. She has creative inspiration around every corner in her home, which is perfect for an artist who works from home. You’ll get a peak into Mione’s home studio as well.

As you continue browsing Mione’s home tour you’ll find that these playful stuffed animals make an appearance throughout. Below you’ll see two whimsical characters that appear in both stuffed animal form and in painted form in Mione’s guest room. You’ll definitely spot them on your own, but in case you need a hint, they’re a stuffed monkey and llama! I love how both of these paintings turned out. They both add the perfect pop of color to this sunny space.

“I Am the Proudest Monkey” painting
Mione standing with the stuffed inspiration behind her “Llama Crossing” painting.

Mione also has some interesting family heirlooms on display in her home. She has included these small pieces of history within her home’s decor which represent various members of her family from her parents and beyond. It was a treat to see the black and white fashion illustrations her mother created hanging in Mione’s bedroom alongside African artifacts brought back from beloved relatives. As you continue to browse you’ll spot an original Mac computer on display from her Father-in-Law, which is another whimsical pop alongside artwork by Mione’s son.

Heirloom fashion illustrations from Mione’s mother showcased in her bedroom.
And an original Mac computer throwback!

Mione’s decor and artwork selections all contribute to a space that provides constant inspiration as she creates her playful art. Mione works from home and has created an in-home studio where she creates her large scale paintings. I also had the opportunity to tour Mione’s studio space, while learning a bit about her creative process.

Mione worked as an engineer for over 10 years for a Fortune-500 tech company before transitioning to her creative passion. Mione’s engineering background is definitely present in her artwork, which utilizes precise angles and formulas while maintaining a childlike, whimsical feel. It turns out that Mione’s engineering background was the perfect secret weapon as she launched her artistic career!

“The Best is Yet to Come” painting
Mione working in her home studio.
“The Sweet Smell of Success” paintingPhotography by Julianna Carl

If you are loving Mione’s artwork, you can find her paintings for sale on her website in addition to at the Maestri Gallery. Maestri Gallery is a fabulous art gallery in Dallas that is definitely worth visiting, not to mention, your visit provides a great opportunity to see Mione’s artwork in person before making your selection. Be sure to subscribe to catch our next home tour and artist spotlight features. Thank you to Mione Plant for showing me around her lovely home!

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DIY Pressed Flowers Wall Art

Photography & DIY Craft by Taylor Hartlein – Interiors by Jacquin intern

While summer is quickly coming to an end, there is still time left to craft something that will let you preserve your favorite flowers of the season! This Do-It-Yourself pressed flower wall art will not only be fun to make, but will add a unique new decoration to your home. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own floral frame!


1) Wooden floating glass picture frame 2) Fresh flowers 3) Microwave 4) Paper Towels 5) Parchment paper 6) Microwave safe brick (could be exchanged for tile or ceramic) 7) Scissors

Step 1

Lay out parchment paper with paper towels on top. The parchment paper will protect the microwave; the paper towel will protect the flowers. Place flowers in between the paper towels.

Step 2

Fold paper towels and parchment paper over the flowers. Place the brick on top of the stack and put in microwave. Microwave for two minutes in 30 second intervals. Be sure to check the flowers each time so they are not getting burnt!

Step 3

Remove flowers from the microwave. Open paper towel gently to ensure flowers do not get stuck or torn.

Step 4

When the flowers are out of the microwave, use scissors to trim the flowers and leaves into the desired shape.

Step 5

Open frame and remove one piece of glass. Arrange flowers in any design that is desired on the remaining glass. When satisfied with the layout, place top glass back into place and secure frame.

Step 6

Display your new floral frame! These can be hung on the wall or displayed in the window.

DIY Article by Taylor Hartlein – Interiors by Jacquin intern

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