DIY Pressed Flowers Wall Art

Photography & DIY Craft by Taylor Hartlein – Interiors by Jacquin intern

While summer is quickly coming to an end, there is still time left to craft something that will let you preserve your favorite flowers of the season! This Do-It-Yourself pressed flower wall art will not only be fun to make, but will add a unique new decoration to your home. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own floral frame!


1) Wooden floating glass picture frame 2) Fresh flowers 3) Microwave 4) Paper Towels 5) Parchment paper 6) Microwave safe brick (could be exchanged for tile or ceramic) 7) Scissors

Step 1

Lay out parchment paper with paper towels on top. The parchment paper will protect the microwave; the paper towel will protect the flowers. Place flowers in between the paper towels.

Step 2

Fold paper towels and parchment paper over the flowers. Place the brick on top of the stack and put in microwave. Microwave for two minutes in 30 second intervals. Be sure to check the flowers each time so they are not getting burnt!

Step 3

Remove flowers from the microwave. Open paper towel gently to ensure flowers do not get stuck or torn.

Step 4

When the flowers are out of the microwave, use scissors to trim the flowers and leaves into the desired shape.

Step 5

Open frame and remove one piece of glass. Arrange flowers in any design that is desired on the remaining glass. When satisfied with the layout, place top glass back into place and secure frame.

Step 6

Display your new floral frame! These can be hung on the wall or displayed in the window.

DIY Article by Taylor Hartlein – Interiors by Jacquin intern

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Oak Cliff for Design Lovers – video

If you’re new to our “Design Lovers” video series, it’s definitely something you’ll want to keep up with! Within this video series I’ll travel to different neighborhoods and cities to showcase the best locations to visit there for design lovers. We’re starting off showcasing various parts of Texas, but we’ll be featuring cities throughout the U.S. and will ultimately showcase international cities as well. This edition of Design Lovers brings us to Oak Cliff, an artsy neighborhood in South Dallas filled with boutiques and creative small businesses. This creative nook within Oak Cliff is called the Bishop Arts District and it’s centrally located outside of downtown Dallas. When you’re next in Oak Cliff, I recommend visiting Ellison Valencia Gallery, Oasis Plant Shop, Oil and Cotton, Home on Bishop, and Harkensback boutique. These locations happen to be walking distance from one another and will definitely peak the interest of design and art lovers. Continue on to see just why these places are so great. Your time in this neighborhood will not disappoint!

Ellison Valencia Gallery

Our first stop in Oak Cliff is the impressive Ellison Valencia Gallery on Bishop Avenue. The owners, Cody Ellison and Ken Valencia, are incredibly friendly and are committed to showcasing a broad range of contemporary artists from Dallas and international destinations. When decorating your home or business I always remind people not to neglect decorating their walls with eye catching artwork. Ellison Valencia gallery makes selecting a bold piece of artwork easy with their unique collection. I loved practically everything in this gallery! If selecting the right work of art for your space makes you nervous, remember that Interiors by Jacquin offers artwork advisory & selection services. Ellison Valencia gallery is located on the main street in Oak Cliff, on Bishop Avenue, which is the small business hub of this creative neighborhood. Stop by and say hi to Ken and Cody! 408 N. Bishop Avenue, Dallas, TX 75208

Manuel Herrera’s Frida Kahlo inspired painting at Ellison Valencia Gallery.

Oasis Plant Shop

Just adjacent to the Bishop Avenue shopping strip you’ll find Oasis Plant Shop. A fabulous, women owned business that has turned a historical Oak Cliff home into a multi-room plant shop. Store owners Bethany and Hannah have arranged this home into a low-light plant room, a medium-light plant room, and a bright sunlight plant room so that you can find a plant that will fit into your own home’s setup more easily. At Oasis Plant Shop you’ll find a wide range of plants from the smallest air plants to potted trees. Don’t forget to check out their backyard area! There are more plants and greenery there too. Subscribe to their email list to learn about there in-store events throughout the year. 416 W. Eighth Street, Dallas, TX 75208

Oil and Cotton

If you love doing arts & crafts then Oil and Cotton is a must visit! Oil and Cotton offers hands-on workshops for both adults and children, in addition to selling art supplies. They bring in professional artists to guide students in learning new techniques and creating unique, artistic projects. One of Oil and Cottons’ expert teachers is artist Delaney Smith! Delaney happens to be an Oak Cliff resident and she was kind enough to show me around Oil and Cotton and a few of the other favorite locations in the neighborhood. Oil and Cottons’ offerings range from 1-day workshops to multi-week courses. Visit their website to learn about their upcoming arts & crafts events. 817 W. Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75208

The artwork on the left is from Delaney Smith‘s workshop at Oil and Cotton.

Home on Bishop

Oak Cliff’s Bishop Avenue is also home to lifestyle boutique Home on Bishop. This store focuses on selling one-of-a-kind home decor, fashion accessories, clothing and more. Their inventory is constantly changing and there is always something unique available for design, fashion, and art lovers. This store never sells the same accessory twice, so you’ll be sure to stand out with anything you find at this amazing shop. Tell them that Jacquin sent you when you stop by! 502 N. Bishop Ave., Dallas, TX 75208

Home on Bishop also sells amethyst stones in both smaller and large sizes.


Rounding out our inspirational Oak Cliff store recommendations is sustainable fashion boutique Harkensback. Their handmade clothing and accessories are locally made and have an artistic vibe to them for any creative who wants to look the part. Harkensback decor is moody with a cool seventies and urban noir aesthetic. They also sell a stunning collection of leather goods that I’m sure you’ll love. Harkensback is also located on Bishop Avenue making it easy to walk all of these destinations in a single afternoon. 401 N. Bishop Ave., Dallas, TX 75208

Artist Delaney Smith twirling in this fab Harkensback coat!

Ready to hop in your car and visit Oak Cliff’s Bishop Art District? This up-and-coming neighborhood is a creative persons dream! Stay tuned for more in this “Design Lovers” series as the year progresses. If you missed our last edition, head over to the Fort Worth for Design Lovers feature to see my top picks for design lovers visiting Fort Worth. Remember to subscribe above to receive the latest blog articles and event invitations!

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Photography: Kendall Zapoli // Video Editing: Nikhil Clayton

7 Ways to Decorate with Orange

If you perceive orange as a difficult color to decorate with, then this blog post is a great opportunity to change your mind. The color orange is very versatile and always adds the perfect pop of color. The key is pairing orange with the right colors and in the right proportions. Read on for my tips for decorating with orange stylishly.

1. Mix orange with purple

via Suakoko Betty from Design Sponge
via Plascon

Orange actually works well with several colors. One of the more unusual color palettes worth trying are orange and pink. This atypical color combination is sure to turn heads, especially for those wanting to make a bold statement with their decor!

2. A pop of orange with white

via Concepts and Colorways from Pinterest

Paring orange with white simplifies the process of finding the perfect color palette to pair with orange… and this color combination always looks fresh and contemporary!

3. Try an orange rug!

Caitlin Wilson’s home tour via MyDomaine
Orange and Pink Geo Wool Gillian Rug – Great deal! ($199-$399)

Choosing a rug with a pop or orange is a low maintenance way of giving orange a try at home. If you aren’t ready to commit to an entirely orange accent wall, or if you’re feeling nervous about an orange upholstered piece of furniture, you’ll find that a rug with orange tones will be a welcome addition to add warmth to your space.

4. Be bold with an orange sofa!

Lauren Conrad’s home tour via InStyle, Photography: Douglas Friedman
via MyDomaine designed by Night Palm studio

If you want to go full bold, then having a piece of furniture upholstered in a luxe orange fabric will meet your design needs. I suggest a rich fabric choice like velvet or linen for your orange sofa. Your sofa will definitely become a conversation stater!

5. Pink and orange are fab!

via House Beautiful

Orange and pink together is another fun color combination that adds a youthful touch to a space. This House Beautiful bedroom shows how this color palette can add a fresh perspective to your home.

6. Paint an orange accent wall

via Coco Lapine Design
Essential Home via Pinterest

Choosing a specific space in your home to paint an orange accent wall can be very gratifying. I actually had a deep orange accent wall in my previous living room for years and received so many compliments. It was an unexpected yet sophisticated addition alongside my decor and furniture.

7. Buy an orange arm chair!

via Architectural Digest
(Left) African Beaded Chair in Tribal Orange // (Right) Sketched Safari Tillie Chair

Lastly, an orange arm chair is a high-impact purchase for your home or office’s decor. This addition will add a bold punch to your space, without the commitment of an entirely orange sofa or accent wall. An orange arm chair is almost always a stylish addition!

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Walls Republic Residential Wallpaper

5 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to Improve Your Home’s Value

Do you want to launch a renovation project that will be both pleasing to you and will increase the market value of your home?  Well pour yourself a cup of coffee and have a seat at the kitchen table. Now, look around, because you are in the primary room, THE place to start.

According to Kiplinger, USA Today, Than Merrill, and other publications, a stylish, updated kitchen is at the top of most home buyers’ wish lists.  And for the kitchen that totally wows them, buyers are generally willing to increase their offers considerably.  


But please yourself first, knowing that what you create in the realm of good taste, comfort and convenience will be appreciated by others, in case you ever sell your home.

Looking around the room, what’s the first thing you notice?  Yeah, the cabinets. Who picked out that dark stain anyway? Cabinet renovation can be as simple as repainting, or as complex as total cabinet replacement.

If the cabinets are still in good shape, with few or no scrapes, gouges and scratches, a good paint job in a brighter – you almost always should go brighter – color can do wonders for the kitchen.  But don’t scrimp on the paint. Old colors have a bad habit of showing up again over time.

Many homeowners would rather replace the whole lot in one fell swoop, and there’s a good reason for that.  Lightweight plywood kitchen cabinets, with a pretty veneer exterior, make an immediate impact on the look of a kitchen and the modest expense totally justifies the effort.  At this point, husbands might be tempted to say, “OK, that ought to be enough; don’t you think?” Nice try, but there’s more to consider.


So, what’s immediately under those cabinets? Right. The countertops. These can be the make-it or break-it factor for many home buyers.  Kitchen countertops run in trends, like high fashion, only without the runway models.  What was all the rage 10 years ago is now dated and boring.

Solid surface kitchen countertops are made with hard materials that mimic the look of granite, marble, stone and other surfaces.  They are not layered or assembled. They’re solid. (Hence the name.) They’re meant to be durable and easy to care for, and what you have five years later looks just the same as it did the day it was installed.

A big trend now in countertops is dark quartz countertops, with luxurious patterns embedded in black or dark gray replica stone.  They’re not cheap, but not outrageous either, and the classy look they impart to a kitchen is immeasurable.


Now, about those mismatched, forlorn appliances.  You wanted a new range with a convection oven anyway, so now’s the time to get what you want.  While there are a multitude of options here, one proven winner is the all-stainless look for appliances. Get quality stainless steel – 304 stainless is the best.

Your Walls 

Painting or papering the kitchen walls is always a beneficial move, but don’t forget the ceiling.  You can even consider a patterned tile wall feature for a more unique touch. Additionally, many homeowners install faux wood beams to give their kitchen a pleasant country cottage look. Ceiling fans are another option when renovating.

Victor Leggoreta Architecture for Architectural Digest // Photography: Douglas Friedman

The Windows

And if your kitchen has exterior windows consider replacing them if they’re dated, drafty or inoperable.  There is quite a range of types of windows, offering different styles, like bay windows, casement windows, bow windows, garden windows and more. 

You’ll want to match the window to the style of the kitchen, and keep in mind the extra light and shelf space you’ll get – depending on the style of window you select, of course. So, set a plan, set a budget and start calling. Your house will thank you.

Matt Lee is a contributor to Innovative Green Building Materials. He is a blogger and a content writer for the building materials industry. Matt is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that increase property value, maximize energy savings, and turn houses into homes. 

5 Black Artists You Need to Know

Illustration, both digital and traditional, has become one of the most important forms of artistic expression. The medium is accessible to anyone in the world, giving us a wide array of different art styles to behold and with the introduction of digital art, it has given artists more tools to express themselves. From the incredible Norman Rockwell and surreal Andy Warhol to the more obscure Arthur Rackman and Trina Schart Hyman, illustration truly has some fantastic talents. However, perhaps one of the most overlooked group of artists are black, with many of them being left in obscurity. There are many black artists who deserve more attention, but here are 5 Black Artists You Need to Know. Read on to become inspired by these amazing artists!

Article by Alexandra Johnson – Illustrator and Interiors by Jacquin intern

1. Kenesha Sneed

Kenesha Sneed is an artist that was suggested to me and I’m glad I checked out her work. Born in Pasadena, CA and raised in the High Desert, Sneed graduated in 2009 from the Otis College of Art & Design after studying motion graphics. After graduation, she worked as Art Director, Illustrator, Designer, and Visual Creative Director for Call Your Girlfriend, a podcast that highlights the many facets of womanhood. In 2014, Sneed launched Tactile Matter, a space that translates concepts from her design practices in various different mediums, including clay, pixels, paint, and coconut oil. She is currently based out of her studio in Altadena, CA.

2. Michael “Freestylee” Thompson

Known as the “Artist without Borders”, Michael “Freestylee” Thompson was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He was inspired by Rastafarian artist Ras Daniel Hartman while studying graphic design at the Jamaica School of Art. While much of his work showcases key Jamaican artists, musicians, and political figures, Thompson’s work was often inspired by the anti-apartheid and liberation movements in South Africa.

His poster designs possess a modern liveliness with exuberant, colorful imagery and forceful illustrations. His art has brought global awareness to many social and political issues in Jamaica as well as highlighting the plights of the lower class. While he sadly died in 2016, his work has gained international acclaim and has been featured in several magazines, the Mexico City Metro, and the National Gallery of Jamaica.

3. Nicholle Kobi

Born in Kinshasa, Congo, Nicholle Kobi was raised by her father in Normandy, France; while living there, she experienced both the racism and the exclusion of black people in French society. Her only escape from this situation was her art as she began drawing at the age of five. After moving to Paris, she studied art history, fashion design, and modeling in a preparatory art program.

While most of work was personal, once her pieces were uploaded to Instagram, her career began to take off. Her art focuses on black women and the beauty and diversity of different skin tones of these women. She hopes that her work will weaken the stigma of colorism within the African diaspora and garner the acceptance of black women in French society.

4. Jerry Pinkney

This next artist is someone whose work I’m sure you’ve seen in many children’s books. He is one of my personal favorite illustrators. Born in Philadelphia, PA in 1939, Jerry Pinkney has been drawing since he was four years old. His love and talent for drawing slowly built up his self esteem and was encouraged to pursue a career as an artist in middle school. Since 1964, Pinkney has illustrated over 100 children’s books, such John Henry, Drylongso, and Aesop’s Fables.

Pinkney uses watercolors for his work that is based in realism and hyperrealism, with much of his work depicting African-American children and figures. His art is so popular and widespread that he has won numerous awards and his books have been translated into sixteen languages and published in fourteen countries. He has been commissioned by US Postal Service, the National Parks Service, and National Geographic Magazine.

5. Adekunle

Lastly, this artist is someone who I believe will make a huge impact in the art world. Adekunle is a 22-year-old Nigerian artist who creates moving digital paintings. Not much is known about his personal life as he tends to lead a very private life, but his artwork speaks volumes. In an interview with Konbini, Adekunle says that he wants his work to “trigger an emotional response from everyone who looks at it”. He says that many of his more serious pieces are inspired by emotions and that “everything serious I make is trying to depict an emotion”. His artwork can be found on his Instagram and Tumblr

As I stated in the introduction, these are only five black artists you should know. There are many more artists you should look into, but hopefully this article will provide you with a glimpse of some very talented artists and encourage you to explore.

Article by Alexandra Johnson – Illustrator and Interiors by Jacquin intern

Le Creuset Provence 728x90

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The Best-of-the-Best in Silk Plants – Robert Lawrence Designs

Robert Lawrence Designs’ moss wall showcased in their Dallas studio.

As a lover of plants, I know just how difficult it can be to keep certain varieties of plants alive, and I also know how disappointing it can be when it’s time to throw away an intricate live floral or plant arrangement you’ve purchased that has come to the end of its lifespan. Luckily, there is a stylish solution for both of these problems! The solution is silk flowers & faux plant arrangements, and Robert Lawrence Designs is at the forefront of the industry.

You may have noticed silk floral arrangements or faux trees while shopping at stores like HomeGoods, but the reality is the quality just isn’t as life-like as those of us with an eye for design would prefer. I was incredibly impressed by how realistic Robert Lawrence Designs’ floral arrangements looked! Their arrangements are fresh, chic, and will last forever. The perfect combination when investing in floral arrangements and house plants, especially when your arrangement happens to be more elaborate.

These tulips are truly stunning! Robert Lawrence Designs’ quality in silk plants is unmatched.

One surprising element at the Robert Lawrence Designs’ studio is their rotating collection of fine art on display. They have created a curated showroom of their faux plants and arrangements, each complemented by colorful, contemporary art. Their unique approach of selling floral arrangements and plants alongside artwork, allow studio visitors to get a sense of what their plant creation could look like next to home decor and beautiful artwork. Not to mention it adds an enjoyable, experiential element to visiting their shop.

I truly enjoyed the Texas-based artists on display during my recent visit!

During my visit to Robert Lawrence Designs, I met Thomas Flynn who personally created my own custom arrangement using driftwood. He is incredibly talented and has a great aesthetic eye for creating timeless floral and plant designs. Here you can see him in the middle of the creative process constructing my original driftwood arrangement, which turned out beautifully. It was really exciting to see it come together!

Thomas Flynn II… the man with the glue gun! Fantastic job, Thomas!

Thomas and I worked on the design for my plant arrangement together, and decided that driftwood would be a fresh and exciting element to work with on this project. I love that the finished product is truly a 360 degree design, that looks attractive and colorful from every angle. You can see the finished arrangement below. I am thrilled with how it turned out, and as mentioned before, it will last forever! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new faux plant arrangement!

Driftwood and succulents combine in this 360 degree plant arrangement.

Robert Lawrence Design’s creations have been showcased in homes across the United States. Here are some of their arrangements and faux trees in luxurious interior settings. All of Thomas Lawrence Designs’ pieces have found great homes!

Robert Lawrence Designs is located in the Dallas Design District, providing their floral and plant design services to customers across the United States. Be sure to reach out to Robert Lawrence Designs when you next need a special floral arrangement, or perhaps are looking to add a large-scale potted tree or even a green wall to your space. They will meet your needs with style and creativity. Special thanks to Thomas Flynn for working with me to create a beautiful and original plant arrangement. (Robert Lawrence Designs: 214-748-2222)

Watch our video with Robert Lawrence Designs below:

Photography & Videography: Julianna Carl // Video editing: Nikhil Clayton

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Looking for wood furniture? Try Unruh!

Unruh Furniture showroom manager Kaitlin Kusch gave me a great showroom tour!

Stopping by the Unruh Furniture showroom in Dallas, TX proved to be a very educational experience. I learned about the differences between various types of wood, in addition to learning about just why Unruh Furniture is so great. This Kansas City, MO based furniture company has recently opened their Dallas showroom where you’ll find a range of made-to-order wood furniture options available for order. One of my favorite selections available at Unruh Furniture are their live-edge walnut tables, shown above, which always add a touch of drama. Read on for more details on Unruh’s quality wood furniture!

One of the nice things about shopping with Unruh for wood furniture are the range of customizations available. I really like that they display all of their options for wood type and wood stain clearly on their showroom wall. Each wall sample is also quite large, perfect for getting a good understanding of what each type of wood offers as far as grain pattern is concerned before making your selection. If you want plenty of knots in your wood for a more rustic look, they have that available, and of course if you want a smooth finish they offer that as well!

Unruh Furniture’s grand wall of wood options!

Unruh also sells solid wood chairs to accompany their dining tables, in addition to allowing you to customize the thickness of your wood table top along with selecting the specific length needed for your dining table. And that is not where their customization stops. You can also choose the specific style of legs you would like for your table. I love the curvy table leg options they provide!

Also available at Unruh are furniture options like bookcases, beds, dressers, nightstands, and coffee tables. You will also have your choice of wood type and stain color (or natural) for their other furniture items as well. How fabulous is their hairpin-legged coffee table below?!

If you need new wood furniture, definitely consider stopping by the Unruh Furniture showroom in Dallas or Kansas City (or shop online!). They have a very knowledgeable team and all of their offerings are heirloom quality, timeless pieces of furniture. If you stop by, let them know that Jacquin sent you! Special thanks to Kaitlin Kusch for showing me around!

Photography: Julianna Carl

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Fort Worth for Design Lovers – Video Series

Today we are launching a NEW, original video series called “The Design Lovers” series. This is travel segment in which I’ll show you the best shops and destinations for design lovers in a given neighborhood or city. We are kicking off the Design Lovers series with a special Fort Worth edition. I have hand selected the most unique and stylish locations for design lovers to visit in Fort Worth, TX and you will love these shops! Learn about what these amazing shops have to offer: Tribe Alive, Winton and Waits, Modern Lantern, and The Greenhouse 817. These shops are so, so good! Check out our video showcasing “Fort Worth for Design Lovers”!

Tribe Alive

Tribe Alive is a worldwide artistic collaboration and boutique selling minimalist apparel and accessories with a designer touch. Their passion is handmade products, and empowering women to raise themselves out of poverty across the world through the sale of their beautiful artistry. One of my favorite details about Tribe Alive’s is that their apparel is made of natural fibers and showcases unique, contemporary cuts for the modern woman. Their designs are not only natural and cutting edge, but they also partner with female artisans globally to bring their designs to life. When you purchase an item from Tribe Alive, you are supporting women artisans from Guatemala, Haiti, India, and Hondorus, as well as local Forth Worth artisans. Not to mention, the Tribe Alive boutique is beautifully curated!

Winton and Waits

Winton and Waits is a uniquely creative shopping experience that everyone should experience. They are community collaborators, they carry products that are intentionally designed to tell a story and are sold to create an impact both locally and globally. At Winton and Waits you’ll find affordable home decor, fashion accessories, apparel, baby clothing, candles, artisan soaps, and more! As you meander the Winton and Wait store, handmade products will capture your attention at every turn and their warm and friendly team will be happy to share with you the individual stories behind the products you are purchasing. When you stop by, tell owner Jenna Lee that Jacquin sent you!

Modern Lantern

Modern Lantern is a cordless lamp company that sells a large range of chic lighting for your home or business. If you’re the type of individual looking to achieve a magazine quality interior, then you’ll be glad to learn about the availability of stylish, cordless lamps. No more unsightly cords! Hooray! I love their colorful range of lamp options and there are so many unique shapes available. Fun fact, Modern Lantern can turn your vintage or existing lamp into a cordless lamp too! Their lighting products run off of rechargeable batteries and would be a fabulous addition to any space. For business owners, you also have the option to have custom lamp selections made in bulk in the color of your choice to cover your design needs.

The Greenhouse 817

The Greenhouse 817 is NOT your average flower shop! This design studio specializes in unusual plant specimens and they will totally surprise you with their unique botanical arrangements. Shop owner Deryk Poynor gave me a tour and introduced me to some reaaaaallly unusual plant specimens. They can create specialized botanical arrangements around your home’s decor and they offer the type of arrangements that will grow and last for years, beyond the shelf life of your average floral arrangement. Watch the video to get a glance at my experience at this unique plant shop!

Photography and Video credit: Kendall Zapoli

Stay tuned for our next “Design Lovers” video showcasing Oak Cliff for Design Lovers in Dallas! Until them, stop by and say hello to these lovely shop owners in Forth Worth!

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Garden Structures

Touring Pittet Architecturals – Video

Exploring the world of antique architectural elements at Pittet Architecturals was an inspirational afternoon filled with history and amazing design finds. Pittet Architecturals is located in Dallas and houses a wide variety of antique architectural elements ranging from antique fountains, to unique doors, ancient basins, antique European columns, sculptures, and a large selection of antique stone and marble mantels. I was shown around their retail space by Robinson Pittet, a second generation antique and architecture lover who shared the fascinating histories behind many of their products.

Take a look at our video feature to get a sense of Pittet’s stunning and rare architectural offerings, while listening in on the vast histories behind these architectural elements.

Browsing Pittet Architecturals feels as if you’re exploring a hidden world of European history amidst their showcasing of the world’s finest architectural features. Their team travels to nations across Europe several times a year sourcing some of the oldest architectural finds in excellent shape, with a large portion of items from France, all to add a touch of antique beauty to your home or next commercial project. Shopping at Pittet Architecturals is the kind of experience that makes an antique lover out of everyone, and is the apex of exclusivity for those wanting to add one-of-a-kind architectural elements to their property.

Many of their pieces are quite transitional despite being antiques, and would make a wonderful addition to many spaces. This antique door turned coffee table, topped with custom glass, is a fabulous example of just this point. See also the carved wood furniture piece below – it’s fantastic!

Pittet Architecturals also offers antique mantels in a range of amazing finishes. I was especially interested to learn that you can take any of their antique mantel silhouettes and have a limestone version of it cut fresh in the necessary dimensions for your space.

“Shopping at Pittet Architecturals is the kind of experience that makes an antique lover out of everyone, and is the apex of exclusivity for those wanting to add one-of-a-kind architectural elements to their property.”

-Jacquin Headen, Interiors by Jacquin

My favorite architectural element during my tour with Robinson Pittet were these amazing doors! They have an especially interesting story about how they came to be in their Dallas shop that you can hear all about in the video. Pittet Architecturals’ inventory of such rare antique elements truly makes this shop a special gem in Dallas. You can visit Pittet Architecturals at 318 Cole Street in Dallas, TX or their store can ship any item you would like to purchase direct to you nationally. This store is definitely worth a visit for for the antiques guru and design lover alike!

Photo credit: Kristen Chilstrom // Video credit: Kendall Zapoli

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