Terrazzo, Pavers, and Other Concrete Creations!

‘Venetian Mixed Chip’ terrazzo from Concrete Collaborative. Love this!

Learning about innovative company Concrete Collaborative has opened my eyes to the exciting range of possibilities available withing concrete flooring and tiles. From terrazzo to pavers to traditional tile, Concrete Collaborative has manipulated concrete into all sorts of chic selections. Their products are sustainably made in the United States and available to meet both your interior and exterior project needs. Let your imagination run wild as you peruse the world of concrete showcased below!

Concrete Collaborative’s “Strands” collection is their modern take on traditional encaustic tiles, with crisp patterns and clean lines. This collection is available in a large variety of colors and patterns available for purchase by the box at ConcreteLove.com. The Strands collection is offered in 8″ square or hexagon formats. The patterned pink tiles below are also from their Strands collection. Perfect for someone with a bold & contemporary design aesthetic. Above is their ‘Hex Racing Stripe” tile and below is their ‘Stripe and Circle” tile, both of which are offered in more color varieties than shown here.

For a taste of Italy try Concrete Collaborative’s terrazzo tile creations. Above is one of their Terrazzo tile options used as a backsplash by company This is Maison in NYC. Specifically, this is Concrete Collaborative’s ‘Venice Alabaster Mixed Chip’ slab. I really like how this project turned out. Terazzo is perfect for adding texture and color all in one design element. Terrazzo can also add a touch of romance to a space. The terrazzo slab below in their blush toned option definitely has me feeling the love!

Concrete Collaborative also sells pavers. These concrete pavers add a lovely pattern to this Chicago commercial space. The project shown here is still in the works, but will be finished with a pop of green turf between the squares. Great idea for a residential outdoor space as well!

With such a large variety available from Concrete Collaborative it is really hard to choose a favorite, but these black and white triangle pavers from their ‘Trails’ collection just might be it! This selection is available by the box at ConcreteLove.com and is also offered in a range of colors as previously mentioned. Between Concrete Collaborative‘s website and Concrete Love, you’ll find all of their tile collections ready to enhance your next design project. Feeling inspired yet? I know I am!

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At home with Jacquin – My bedroom tour!

Welcome to my home! Check out these stunning Michael Aram “Palm” frames above. My favorite photo frames for a touch of gold! Read on for more!

Hi friends! I am sharing a peek into my home today, specifically sharing my bedroom tour with you all. There are a lot of exciting features showcased, and I will share the links to all of the decor resources throughout this post. I have to give a shout out to my amazing (and patient) photographer Esther Huynh for making these photos really pop! Thank you, Esther! I have made a few changes to my bookcase styling since this photoshoot, but this blog feature still captures the essence of my bedroom decor. If you want to see how I’ve updated my bookcase styling, then head over to my Instagram stories to see what’s changed since then. Now back to the home tour details…

One decorative element I set out to include in my bedroom were matching mirrors above my nightstands. I wanted to brighten my room and I knew that reflective surfaces, like mirrors opposite of my windows, would do the job. These mirrors are from Hansen Wholesale and I just love their dreamy shape… and of course they are highly effective at reflecting sunlight throughout my bedroom.

Those candlestick holders on the right are from renowned Copenhagen design house, Broste, and are a moment all on their own! I found these candlestick holders at Amara.

You may have seen the blog post I did last year on company Flowerbox Wall Gardens, but if you haven’t the wall garden above happens to be from their company and is a preserved flower garden that can last over 2 years! I highly recommend their beautiful selections, although I must admit that I could have gone with an even larger wall garden. Nevertheless, they did a fabulous job and it is always a conversation starter in my room.

As an art lover I had to make room for a small gallery wall in my bedroom, and I am so glad I did! (see below) Having these warm and colorful works of art in my room is always inspirational and adds a little sunshine to gloomy days. The painting shown on the far left is my most recent artwork find, and is by the artist Isabelle Feliu. I went to the Michael’s store to have this work framed and had a lot of fun selecting colorful mating to make this work of art stand out even more.

Let’s also talk about statement outlet & switchplate covers! You’ll see that I didn’t miss a moment to even decorate my electrical outlets (see above). These painted glass outlet covers are from Knobs.co and are available for your light switch covers as well.

When it comes to books, this small showing on my bedroom bookcase is far from my full collection! One of favorite activities with my husband is visiting thrift stores to find books for our personal library, and let’s just say our collection has grown exponentially since picking up this hobby. These specific books however are some of my favorites right now. I specifically recommend checking out the books Matisse in the Studio (my favorite artist!) and as a speaker on negotiation related topics, I must also recommend the book Ask For It, which explores the negotiating power of women, and why we aren’t using it. For further training on the topic of negotiation tactics, I recommend participating in one of my upcoming negotiation training workshops! These negotiation workshops are available for both individuals and groups, virtually as well as in-person. Email me for details.

Photography by Esther Huynh

Thanks for joining me for this mini home tour! I will be sharing other unseen photos from my bedroom tour on my Instagram stories. Head over to my Instagram account for more behind the scenes fun!

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Mekeka Designs – Bringing Ugandan artistry to the U.S.

I am pleased to introduce you to Mekeka Designs, a textile brand working alongside expert weavers in Uganda to create beautiful products for your home and beyond. Showcasing and supporting globally inspired design brands is a large passion of mine, and Mekeka Designs embodies a brand that takes a philanthropic approach to working with native design techniques. Mekeka Designs is owned by Lesli Robertson, a textile expert in her own right, who has traveled to Uganda and utilized traditional weaving materials (grass cloth) to create stylish new products for the Western audience. During my video interview with Lesli she explains how Ugandans traditionally utilize woven grass cloth, and how she has developed products that put a fresh spin on how this material has been used traditionally.

I have divided this video interview into a Part 1 and Part 2 below. In Part 1 Lesli shares the meaning of ‘Mekeka’ and dives into the process with a behind the scenes look at the artisans in Uganda. Part 2 expands on Lesli’s unique background in academia teaching fiber arts while also sharing some of Lesli’s exciting travel experiences from Uganda to Armenia to Kuwait. You will definitely want to watch both short videos!

Part 1 – Getting to know the Mekeka brand and process:

‘Shadow” throw pillow design.
Collection of Mekeka Designs woven throw pillows, available for purchase on their website. All sustainably sourced.

Mekeka Designs also sells woven clutch purses in a range of stunning designs.

In Part 2 of our video you’ll hear all about Lesli’s exciting global travels including the interesting stories behind these travel souvenirs!

Part 2 – Lesli Robertson’s background and exciting travel experiences:

Front: ‘Sekamu’ throw pillow. Back: ‘Coral Arrow’ throw pillow.

Support the weavers of Uganda and the Mekeka Designs brand by purchasing one of their stunning throw pillows or clutch purses. Each product is sustainably sourced and handcrafted with care.

Be sure to subscribe to the Interiors by Jacquin blog to receive updates on the upcoming Interiors by Jacquin x Mekeka wall art and rug design collaboration! More to come!!

The artwork in the background of this photo is from talented artist Delaney Smith.

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Artist Spotlight: Georgina Hooper of Australia

Georgina Hooper of Australia is a painter and art educator who creates delightful, yet meditative works of art from a calligraphic foundation. She is informed by a deep engagement with Eastern artistic traditions and the philosophies that underpin them. Hooper’s signature style synthesizes Eastern calligraphic strokes with Modern abstraction, developed through a meditative repetition of strokes. I truly enjoy Georgina’s warm, abstract paintings and I find that looking at them mindfully is a reflective and meditative exercise on its own. Learning of her works has peaked my interest in Asian calligraphic strokes as both a philosophy and technique.

Georgina creates vast and rhythmic matrixes in her artwork imbued with the forces and motion of nature. Her abstraction of landscape reflects her pursuit to represent the natural environment as a felt experience, where space is illimitable and incalculable, carrying a suggestion of the infinite. Inspired by the monumentality of nature and associated feelings of awe, Hooper’s work evolves as immersive spaces for audiences to visually escape into.

Jacquin: What do you most enjoy about having a career as an artist?

Georgina: There is a visceral pleasure about making art. The way that the eye responds to concentrating on wonderful colours, or honing the mind to focus on the steady hand or the pleasure of simply making is so wonderfully uplifting and extremely relaxing. I feel very fortunate to get to do this as my job. To immerse oneself in their passion and to follow that path in a way that takes you deep into yourself is such a rare thing. The work I do is also very introspective and philosophical. I’ve had the opportunity to learn about Eastern culture & history and work with my hands at the same time. As such I learn a lot about who I am too, which I think is a very healthy by-product of my work. It’s a hedonistic privilege that not many people have, and a particularly essential one for me as I am quite introverted and find alone time very restorative.

Jacquin: How has working as an art educator refreshed your perspective?

Georgina: When you are required to break down the process of creating for someone else it makes you highly reflective and conscious of the creative process. As a result, I became really interested in understanding the creative act and this has found its way into my practice and process.

Jacquin: How has Eastern/Asian culture and their artistic approaches influenced your work? How did your interest in Asian aesthetics in art come about (e.g. Chinese landscapes and Eastern calligraphic strokes)?

Georgina: The historical art of Chinese painting is tightly bound up with its philosophical and religious traditions. I had begun reading about Daoism and Buddhism as a teenager and strongly resonated with these belief systems. It was a natural progression that my art practice gravitated to the East though I am still amazing at the opportunities that have found me to make this possible. It has been the oscillation between academic study of art and the physical practice of it that has brought me to so much opportunity to immerse myself in Eastern art practices. It was almost a decade ago that I was offered a research scholarship by the University of Queensland to study Chinese landscape painting with Professor Dong Ya at Tianjin University. This set me clearly on my trajectory. I have been awarded artist residencies in China and Japan and have pursued higher research in Eastern Art with the University of Canberra. It has all meant that my career is something of a tango that steps towards my work as an academic one moment and then the next moment, back to my professional practice as a painter.

Jacquin: Tell us about your experience creating watercolor textile designs for your collaboration with fashion label Dogstar. What was most rewarding? How did your process vary for this collaboration compared to your typical process when creating a painting?

Georgina: When I started the project for Dogstar (above), creating paintings for textiles was a new artistic territory for me. Masayo and I worked very closely together on the process.  It had a sort of evolutionary path that began with talks and plans and then after I began the painting I met with Masayo, we would talk and then I would return to the painting and continue until we had it right.  I had a lot of artistic freedom but the compositional factors are different from that of a painting: the repeat, and the three dimensionality of the end product needs to be considered.  In a way I had to forget all that I knew and change the way I viewed the image. As a result, the collaboration brought my work into some new artistic spaces. I think that this is a very healthy thing to do as an artist not to mention what a great experience it was to work with such a wonderful person and creative as Masayo.

Jacquin: Tell us about what you’re working on currently.

Georgina: I am currently looking at applying for my PhD in Philosophy to deepen my understanding of Chinese painting through theoretical research. As a practitioner I have found that theory informs creative output and that there are times to collect knowledge and ideas that will later inform and shape the creative work. This oscillation between the rational and creative, and the theoretical and the practical is what allows me to expand my work into new territory and keep my work exciting and innovative. I have another collaboration with Dogstar in the works and am always continuing my work with ink and rice paper as daily mediation.

Jacquin: Tell us about your training in Asian style calligraphy as you developed your signature style.

Georgina: The calligraphic strokes that underpin much of my work was part of my training in Chinese landscape painting. One of the first things my Lao Shi (teacher) explained to me was that those calligraphic strokes were the foundation of all Chinese landscape painting. Painting and writing were inseparable historically, with painting giving birth to writing. In my practice over the years since working with Master painter Professor Dong Ya at Tianjin University I had moved away from the tradition to explore it in a contemporary way. But during my honours research with the University of Canberra I explored Chinese landscape painting in relation to the European philosophy of the sublime. Part of my research engaged deeply with the treatises from Chinese painter-critics dating as far back as 34AD and these texts reminded me of the importance these calligraphic strokes. I took my honours year to focus on them, synthesizing Modernist abstraction with the calligraphic underpinnings of Chinese painting and became so familiar with them that I realized they held limitless potential for expression. 

Jacquin: What would be a dream project for you as an artist?

Georgina: I want to see my work on a grand scale and to see what affect it has on audiences when it is received at that scope. To paint an immersive matrix floor to ceiling in an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York would be a dream. 

Learn more about Georgina Hooper and her latest works on her website.

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Exploring the Loloi Rugs Showroom

Loloi Rugs has a reputation for quality and luxury in the design community and after a recent visit to their showroom I am reminded of how unique their product is. Their rugs are handmade in India with great attention to detail and color, and their brand offers hundreds of design options to choose from. They have truly created a rug to suit every aesthetic. Their newest collections on display will suit the color enthusiasts and traditional tastes alike.

Loloi’s showroom is quite large so when Jose Ramos, visual merchandiser for Loloi, offered to show me around I gladly accepted. He explained that one of Loloi’s theme’s for the newest collections are shades of French Blue. They are currently offering stunning ice blue rugs in traditional motifs, which have an unbelievable sheen to them. Then on the other end of the spectrum, the Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines rug collection showcases deep blues on neutral backgrounds, which were equally impressive. There are also boldly colored rugs available from Loloi’s collaborations with Justina Blakeney (above) and Rifle Paper Company (below).

One of the more surprising collections at the Loloi showroom were the rugs and throw pillows from their Rifle Paper Company collaboration. This collection is based off of the illustrated artwork from Rifle Paper Company and translated into textile format. This collection was definitely different from the other selections in the showroom, showcasing just how broad Loloi’s offerings are. There is really something for everyone!

Loloi has also succeeded at creating bold and expressive rug designs showcasing neutrals and earth tones. Above you’ll find a small sampling of their neutral colored rug offerings, all of which provide major impact. On the far right, the linear rug design showcased is from the Magnolia Home collection, and it’s one of my favorites! Has Loloi peaked your interest? If so, visit www.LoloiRugs.com to browse all of their fabulous offerings!

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Dallas Home & Gift Market

Dallas World Trade Center – Total Home & Gift Market 2019

After spending the day at the Total Home and Gift Market in Dallas I left very inspired! I would definitely recommend this event to other design industry professional, and it may even be worth traveling to for design professionals outside of the Dallas area.

The Dallas World Trade Center, which hosts this event annually, boasts over 14 floors of showrooms so I had to narrow down what to showcase on the blog for you today. I selected three specific showroom experiences to share with you. I must admit that choosing only three showrooms to feature does not even scratch the surface of everything available at the Total Home & Gift Market, but it is a great representation of the range of goods available. Below you’ll get a behind the scenes look at the following showrooms: IMAX Worldwide Home, Expressive Homes, and UMA Home Decor. You will love these showroom’s home decor collections!

IMAX Worldwide Home

IMAX showroom
IMAX showroom – Colorful home decor!

Expressive Homes

Expressive Homes showroom – Beautiful lace textile selections for curtains.
Expressive Homes leather goods collection – Available in several custom colors.
Expressive Homes – Unique custom knob selections

UMA Home Decor

UMA Home Decor showroom – Cosmo Living collection
UMA Home Decor – Natural wood tone furniture & decor.
UMA Home Decor – Collection of wood tones blended with black. Love it!
UMA Home Decor – Embroidered pillow collections.

Learn more about these brands at their websites: IMAX Corporation, Expressive Homes, and UMA Home Decor. The next Dallas Total Home & Gift Market will take place in June 2019. Open to members of the trade to enjoy and shop!

Photography & video: Kendall Zapoli

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Designer Spotlight: Mili Suleman of KUFRI Textiles

Today we venture into the world of slow textiles with Dallas brand KUFRI, owned and created by the talented Mili Suleman. The term “slow textiles” captures the essence of a fully handmade, woven fabric created in a slow, artisanal manner as has been done for hundreds of years. Powered by handlooms, Mili Suleman’s company KUFRI is keeping alive the traditional weaving techniques of India with a contemporary spin for the modern design lover. Mili was kind enough to welcome me into her home for an interview where I learned about her foray into entrepreneurship, her creative spirit, and the process behind her one of a kind textiles.

Wall of beautiful KURFI textile swatches.

Founder and designer Mili Suleman was born in Mumbai, India and raised in Oman. A graduate of Texas Christian University, she sees KUFRI as an amalgamation of her multi-cultural background, her explorations in design, writing and art, and her passion for natural spaces.

At the core of the KUFRI textile brand is the idea that your home’s textiles should compliment the other items in your home, which is best accomplished with a neutral textile palette. However, when it comes to Mili’s textile designs, you’ll find that KUFRI’s neutral textiles are anything but boring and in fact, are quite exciting! The textures truly POP, which she accomplishes through the handwoven process.

Throughout Mili’s home you’ll find evidence of her vast creative inspiration. She shared with me that she is creatively inspired by the visual arts, travel, books, and ceramics, all of which you will find interwoven among her home’s decor. I had to snap a photo of Mili’s inspiration board in her home studio (shown above) because it truly captures Mili’s aesthetic and creative interests.

When Mili isn’t working on the KUFRI brand, one of her hobby’s is oil painting and browsing her collection of inspired books. I had the opportunity to see one of Mili’s latest paintings (below), placed above the dining table in her home. It’s the perfect pop of color to complement the KUFRI textiles in her home!

(Left) Mili’s oil painting. (Right) “Rex” pillow in blush color.
A few of the options available at KUFRI. The last one is Mili’s favorite KURFI textile, “Ira”!
Photography: Paula Esguerra

The KUFRI mission is to help preserve handloom weaving, to provide employment to women and aging weavers, and promote a conscious, beautiful life at home through their products.  When you buy KUFRI textiles you’re supporting an amazing cause that is both mindful and sustainable, while adding a touch of timeless beauty to your home. Visit the KUFRI website to shop their amazing textile selections!

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Celebrating at the Amara Interior Blog Awards – London

After working on the Interiors by Jacquin blog for nearly 5 years, it was incredibly exciting to be nominated as a finalist at the Amara Interior Blog Awards. I can’t believe I hadn’t shared about the experience on the blog until now, but I suppose better late than never. I was selected as a finalist for their “Best Interior Designer Blogger” category which landed me at their London awards event this Fall. I was only able to stay in London for 2 nights due to a speaking engagement in Dallas immediately upon my return (I had to teach a negotiation training workshop!), but the trip was absolutely worth while. So many great memories and new friends made!

Walking up to the venue at the Marylebone Hotel in London was quite grand and set the tone for a fabulous evening. There were passed hors’d’oeuvers, custom cocktails, and networking galore. They really went above and beyond to make us feel special for a fun night of celebration. One of my favorite parts of the night was seeing my name on the big screen during the awards event, which I had to capture on camera of course!

While I did not win the final award, attending the event was still a wonderful opportunity to reflect on what I’ve accomplished with my business over the years. Also notable, I had never before been in a room with so many designers and design lovers at once! Sharing in our accomplishments and exchanging experiences was truly the highlight of the night. These lovely ladies and I hit it off so well that we ended up being the last ones at the event! Congratulations to new friend Simone Baur (shown far left, below) for winning in her category for her inspirational work at blog Global Inspirations Design. I also had the pleasure of meeting Siobhan Casey of Casey & Fox and Chantelle Purcelle of Amar Gallery. Interestingly I connected with Chantelle via the Shapr networking app before I even landed in London and she was my amazing plus 1 for the night. On a sidenote, Amar Gallery in London features some truly impressive artists! (Interiors by Jacquin will be doing an entire feature on this gallery soon so look out for that!)

The gift bags were also spectacular and seemed to weigh a good 20 lbs. each! They were filled with small home decor items ranging from Tom Dixon, to Missoni and beyond… pretty great!

Meanwhile back at my hotel in London, I enjoyed the best fish & chips EVER in addition to enjoying a casual selfie with my giant gift bag post event. 🙂 I stayed at the Corus Hotel right in the heart of the London and the customer service and restaurant cuisine were excellent. They also had an amazing breakfast buffet and are walking distance from the V&A museum and Hyde Park gardens. Now that I’m back home in Dallas I’m enjoying my souvenir program, party Polaroids, and amazing luxury home decor freebies. Not a bad trip at all! London always has so much to offer. Thanking Amara for their hospitality and the amazing memories!

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Designer Spotlight: Floral Designer Mary Pinson

If you, like many of us, are suffering through sub-zero temperatures right now, then allow this the warm, floral-focused blog post take you away to warmer thoughts. Floral designer Mary Pinson is from Montgomery, Alabama (now based in Georgia) where she cultivated an interest in celebrating often, entertaining thoughtfully, and doing so with the warm addition of flowers. Mary defines herself as a dreamer, and I must say that her imaginative approach toward floral design certainly gives her arrangements a dreamy quality. Her taste for fashion, art, and music provide constant influence on both her work and personal life. Get a taste of Mary Pinson’s design style as we peruse some of her recent work and accomplishments.

Design is what truly sparks Mary’s soul. Over the years Mary has used her imaginative design style (and flair for events) to transform a range of special occasions both formal and informal. Mary is especially inspired when creating arrangements with touches of gold, which happens to be her favorite color and the perfect addition to elegant floral displays.

You’ll also find Mary getting involved in her local community when she isn’t working on floral designs for clients. I love that Mary recently collaborated with organization More Precious Movement, which helps young women boost their confidence and learn that they are more precious than jewels. Mary guided the More Precious Movement participants in creating floral crowns, representing the organizations mission to help young women find their worth in God, not the world, and to passionately live out their purpose.

In addition to Mary’s love of flowers and design, she also enjoys hosting friends & family for dinner, drinks, and laughs. Above you’ll find the tablescape from Mary’s recent Tuscan inspired dinner party at home. Below are a few highlights from some of Mary’s other hosting occasions. Fresh flowers truly make every gathering even better!

“Bring me your thoughts, and I will deliver the unforgettable details, from flowers to finale. It is such a pleasure to be a part of life’s celebrations for a client.”
-Mary Pinson

Visit Mary’s website at www.MaryPinson.com to schedule Mary’s floral designs for your next event. Mary creates custom floral arrangements for clients in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, and New York.