Artist statement

Jacquin Headen’s artistry focuses on the creation of bold, abstract paintings from a contemporary design perspective. The foundation of Jacquin’s artistic influence is her exploration of global cultures and her mission to introduce the beauty of bold artwork and global design into the homes of patrons. Headen’s color rich paintings are characterized by organic geometry, indelible mark making, and joyful patterns. Her color rich works convey a play on light and the energy between positive and negative space.

Jacquin Headen’s painting technique is characterized by impasto, textured brush strokes and an invigorating element of improvisation. Experimenting with the power of brilliant colors and simple forms, Jacquin aims to affect audiences through evoking feelings of joy, energy, and optimism. While Headen’s artwork embodies a playful sophistication, it is grounded in an elevated and contemporary design approach. Jacquin Headen encourages those engaging with her artwork to choose their own adventure, evoking optimism in each person’s walk through life.