5 Steps to Contemporary Style at Home with Modani!

If you’re new to Modani, allow me to introduce you to this fabulous brand specializing in modern and contemporary furniture. While this brand launched in Miami (a city known for its contemporary design), Modani has storefront locations in Dallas, Chicago, Houston, LA, San Francisco, and New York (in addition to Canada!). Whether you prefer a mid-century modern look or something more bold and contemporary, Modani will meet your needs. These 15 beautiful selections from Modani will add a feel of contemporary luxury to your home. Here are 5 home decor techniques to transform your home with contemporary style!


7. Arago Gold Console Table 8. Lucia Modern Coffee Table with Marble 9. Lazare Leather & Gold Bench 10. Makah Walnut Shelves with Gold 11. Dino Contemporary Book Shelf

Visit www.Modani.com for more modern and contemporary furniture inspiration.
This post is sponsored by Modani Furniture. 
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Author: InteriorsbyJacquin