7 Unique Coffered Ceilings to Inspire

I’ve always enjoyed the drama that coffered ceilings add to a space.  Coffers bring a rich architectural feel to your home that guests are certain to notice (and admire) when they visit.  
For those of you who may be unfamiliar, a coffer is a sunken panel in a ceiling generally formatted in series of squares.  I’m sure you’ll recognize this ceiling style immediately, but did you know just how many variations there are within the realm of coffered ceilings? Here are 7 unique coffered ceilings to inspire you!


Designer Kelli Ford’s Southampton guest house, Veranda

Beach Style Living Room by Barrie Interior Designers & Decorators Madison Taylor


风合睦晨|武汉金地澜菲溪岸E1户型样板间【18P】_家居与别墅_建E设计部落 - Powered by Discuz!Image via Jian86

Beach style bedroom interior design with coffered ceiling natural wood panelsMinimalisti


…and Seven.

Designed by Structures Building Company, Holger Obenaus Photography

Whether your coffered ceilings are classic & traditional like in the home above or bold & unique, it really doesn’t matter… coffered ceilings just can’t be ignored!  If you’re looking to make a statement through your home’s design or just want to add an architectural feature, consider adding coffers.  Installing coffered ceilings at home might sound intimidating at first, but these DIY instructions sure make it look easy.  Here are three great resources for creating a coffered ceiling “do-it-yourself” style here, here, and here. Now I want to give it a try myself!  Who’s with me?!

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Author: InteriorsbyJacquin