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Hi, I’m Ashley and I blog over at Bigger Than The Three of Us. I’m married to an amazing guy who deals with all my crazy house ideas. We have a son, Greyson, and the three of us make up the blog…This House Might Be – Bigger Than The Three Of Us. I work part-time as a newborn & family photographer. The other half of my time is spent doing house projects and blogging about it. I’ve quickly fallen in love with sharing DIY tutorials and renovations and connecting with readers through them. 

Ashley’s decorating style…
I have finally come to terms with my decorating style. I had originally thought that I needed to be a specific style. Like, all my choices needed to fit within a box. Over the past year, I’ve realized that I don’t necessarily have to fit within the “mid-century” style or the “eclectic-boho” style. I can toy with each of them and I can lean one way or another, but I don’t have to always stay within either one. My overall decorating style is one that makes me happy – some mid-century pieces, some classic, some eclectic. They all make up my style. 

Adventures in DIY decor…

My favorite DIY project would have to be the Reading Loft that my hubby and I created in our son’s room. We had an inefficient closet and decided to go for something playful and fun. It turned out better than we could have ever imagined and was a pretty easy DIY. I love it because it captures the essence of childhood and manages to give us a more efficient/organized space.

Ashley’s current inspiration…
This might seem crazy, but I’ve been totally inspired by shadow play. For example, I post this picture on instagram and I just keep coming back to it. I love the interest the shadow adds to the space and the lived-in feel the shadow gives the room.
Ashley’s favorite space in her home… 
Hands down, my favorite space is our eat-in kitchen. We recently finished this space and it feels eclectic, warm, and modern (all the things that feel like us).  Plus, almost everything in the space was a DIY. It’s great to see a space come together from start to finish and I really love the end project.

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