Artist Spotlight: Contemporary Painter Patricia Derks

“I… Like you 2” by Patricia Derks, 120 x 100 cm.

Having the opportunity to peruse artwork from across the globe has introduced me to many genius artists, all with their own unique perspectives, but my recent discovery of contemporary painter Patricia Derks has certainly been one of the more impactful artists I’ve come across this year. I believe you will find Patricia’s artwork bold and exciting, as well. 

Patricia Derks lives in the Netherlands where she paints daily and allows people and images to inspire her. In my recent interview with Patricia, I learn more about her creative aesthetic and bold use of color. Take a look at the interview below.

Artist Patricia Derks in front of her original painting “Never Dream Alone“. – For sale.
Lulu” by Patricia Derks, 100 x 120cm

Jacquin: I love your painting’s rich and bold colors. How do you use color and color combinations to express yourself in your artwork?

Patricia: Color is one of my exit points in my work and is very important to me. I enjoy using strange color combinations and colors you don’t expect in a portrait, for example blue lips or green hair are frequently present, but they are still recognizable as portraits.

“Sisters” by Patricia Derks
“J’adore 3” by Patricia Derks

Jacquin: When did you realize you wanted to become a full time artists?

Patricia: Shortly after my studies at the Art Academie Arendonk in Belgium, where I learned how to paint in the classical style. I have been painting on a daily basis ever since and I have not looked back since. I worked to create my own painting aesthetic by utilizing a lot of color and most importantly to me, utilizing emotions in my artwork. It is very important to me to illustrate emotions through color.

Red” by Patricia Derks

Creative studio space of artist Partricia Derks of the Netherlands.

Jacquin: How has your artwork changed from when you first started to your current artwork now?

Patricia: I still make progress in my work even today because I am always searching for new challenges and trying to improve my paintings by using different paint and materials.

Jacquin: What is your favorite work of art you created at the moment?

Patricia: My last work “Memories 2”, which is a work for a local expo Art Zaanstad taking place later this year in the Netherlands. (See below.)

Patricia’s favorite work at the moment. | “Memories 2” by Patricia Derks

Jacquin: What inspires you  creatively?

Patricia: Visiting museums and galleries both inland and abroad is very inspirational for me. My last visit was to the Jheronimus Bosch expo, who was a dutch artist who lived during the middle ages. The Internet is also a source for inspiration for me along with PinterestArtnet, Saatchi Art, and Styllink.

Diva” by Patricia Derks, 100 x 120 cm
Blue Dutch Girl” by Patricia Derks, 100 x 100cm

Jacquin: You’re artwork is so bright and expressive. It would certainly brighten up any room. Do you enjoy decorating at home with your own artwork?

Patricia: My paintings are all over my home and the homes of my children too. They are also fans of their mother’s work. It is so nice to see the younger generation appreciating my paintings, as well. Sitting on my couch and looking at my work, I can observe and see what to do differently next time, which also motivates me. That way I am constantly learning and improving daily. 

Patricia Derk’s artwork in the home of the Derk’s family. “Beauty” painting featured. 100 x 100cm

You can find Patricia Derk’s artwork for sale on Saatchi Art Online. To learn more about Patricia and see some of her past works, visit her website here

Author: InteriorsbyJacquin