Artist Spotlight: Digital Fine Art by Kimmy Hogan

Jacquin: What inspired you to start creating art full time?

Kimmy: I’ve been a graphic designer for 10 years designing everything from logos to websites but I have always had an underlying passion for home interiors and art. I knew my skills in digital illustration could be the pathway to that industry by creating artwork for people’s homes.

Jacquin: Tell us about your process when creating artwork? How do you use graphic design and digital technology to create beautiful fine art?

Kimmy: My latest collections have has been largely influenced by my love for traditional oil paintings. My graphic design background has influenced my technique, but not my art itself. Whilst my art is digitally created, every line and curve is made with the stroke of my hand so it’s a very ‘hand-made’ process. I worked for many months to develop a technique to reinvent this ‘oil painting’ look in a digital way. My ‘Still Life’ collection focuses on a more traditional subject matter with flowers and vases, which came about after I raided the local florist and took loads of photos of different arrangements and compositions. The ‘Flat Lay’ collection was created when I started drawing random beautiful objects and started arranging them just as I would see a ‘flat lay’ in a magazine.

Jacquin: How has your love for interiors influenced your artwork?

Kimmy: I feel it has influenced me based on what is happening in my life. A couple of years ago when my first son was born I was designing more nursery-style artwork. Now I feel like my art has ‘grown up’ a lot and I want to make pieces that will bring a sense of home to any room.

Jacquin: What experiences and training have prepared you for your work as an artist today?

Kimmy: I would say my graphic design university degree prepared me for running a business which is a huge benefit to an artist – most artists don’t like the ‘business’ side of things! Creating art is something so fulfilling and rewarding but making a living out of it is completely different.

Jacquin: Has being a new mom changed anything about how you create artwork or inspired you in any new way?

Kimmy: Becoming a mummy has changed things a lot! I have basically structured the running of my business around their routines which was hard to put in place initially, but now is working very well. I don’t want to miss my babies growing up so I’m taking my new collection slowly and enjoying being a mummy. It’s very hard creatively though, especially when I have a new idea. I find that I just want to just lose myself creatively for 12+ hours and that is just not possible! But this time when the children are young is so fleeting, I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

Jacquin: What is inspiring you creatively right now?

Kimmy: am very inspired by oil paintings for their beautiful messiness and painterly strokes. I have really tried to let my digital work go wild and not ‘neaten’ it up too much so you can see that human touch and the perfect ‘imperfectness’ of it. I could spend hours just scrolling through paintings on Pinterest!

Jacquin: What is one fun fact about yourself or one of your favorite hobbies when you aren’t creating art?

Kimmy: I absolutely savour the weekends. My husband and I both work really hard so when the weekends come it’s all about family time. Our weekends usually involve a snuggle in bed with both boys then we set off with the double pram to our favourite local café for breakfast which has almost become a second home for us!

Kimmy Hogan’s artwork would be a beautful addition to any home. Visit Kimmy’s website to shop her latest creations. For a look behind the scenes, visit Kimmy’s Instagram page. 

Author: InteriorsbyJacquin