Artist Spotlight: featuring Italy’s Sandro Vivolo

I have a voracious appetite for artwork, so it always pleases me to introduce another artist to you on the blog. Today I’m featuring Sandro Vivolo, Italian artist and painter. Sandro’s artwork is cleverly intriguing, managing to leave its gazer itching to develop the stories of his subjects. In fact, I feel like I could write a novel based on each one of his paintings’ subjects.  I’m sure that’s the writer in me, but it just goes to show you how inspirational art can be. Sandro is a self-trained, yet acclaimed and awarded artist living in Italy.

Sandro Vivolo’s inspiration…

I’m inspired by the relation between people and modern urban landscapes and this, you will see, greatly figures into my paintings. My mediums are oil, watercolor and charcoal. Please enjoy.

Redondo Beach, Oil on paper board, 2008

Sausage Vendor, Oil on canvas panel, 2006 

Magician Cove, Oil on Canvas, 2000

Cuban buyers, oil on masonite, 2008
Going down to the Avana, Acrylic on paper board, 2007

Car Show, Oil on masonite, 2006 (“American Life” collection)

Which of Sandro’s paintings featured is your favorite? 

You can find more of Sandro Vivolo’s paintings on his website here. Commissions are also available. Have a great week and thank you for reading!

Author: InteriorsbyJacquin