Artist Spotlight – Shayema Rahim

‘Latin Lover” by Shayema Rahim

Creating art is a wonderful way to express one’s emotions and artist Shayema Rahim has truly mastered self-expression through painting. There is a depth and soul to her painting style that will capture you at first glance. Take a look at my recent interview with artist Shayema Rahim.

How did you get started creating abstract artwork?

I started with basic sketches, watercolor, oil pastel etc. I initially painted landscape and floral studies, later moving to Abstract Expressionism, which I simply explain as capturing real life situations in an abstract manner. I feel that it’s more powerful because I can speak from deep within through the work of my Art. I try to explore a wide range of subjects. I never try to leave any room for half-truth. I am always willing to challenge myself. This wide and constantly evolving curiosity makes me search for more inner happiness through my Art.

What has been your favorite artistic creation thus far? Why?

It’s hard to mention one piece of work, as most of my works are close to my heart, but if I have to mention one it would be “Ukiyo”. Ukiyo is a Japanese word that means detached from the bothers of life. (shown below)

“Ukiyo” by Shayema Rahim

Tell us about your process for creating your artwork.

I do work with Oil and Acrylic. However, for the last few years my  main media is Encaustic. It’s an ancient 3000 years old Egyptian technique that is done with wax and resin. 

“I am Alive” by Shayema Rahim

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

Well, I had to double check with my son Arbaaz what is a fun fact about me, he very confidently said, Ma you cry when you see lizards”.

Who is your favorite artist right now and why?

It is very hard to mention “ a name” as I have several fellow favorite  artists. I would say, Brad Ellis (Brad Ellis Abstract Artist) as well as Tamara White, Bonny Leibowitz, and Rick Griggs.

What would be your dream project to work on?

My dream project should be painting next to a ocean without any time or mental pressure with some good music on. My other dream project is to paint with Alzheimer’s patients.

“Fire in the Ice” by Shayema Rahim

How has being an artist brightened your life?

My Art is my Savior. I can’t imagine my life without my art. It’s very therapeutic to me. It helps me to talk with myself, my soul  within my own little world. The other very rewarding matter about Art is that I feel very content when I can make others happy through my work. I think art is as natural as sunshine. My art is my adventure and I never want this adventure to end.

Learn more about artist Shayema Rahim here.

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