At Home with Art Consultant Liz Lidgett

When it comes to art, Adore Your Walls art consultant (and art lover) Liz Lidgett has a lot to offer in terms of great tips and guidance for building your own collection of original art. Today Liz welcomes us into her cheerful home and allows us a look at her own collection of artwork, not to mention she shares some of her expert art advisory tips with us!

Photography by Rick Lozier and Liz Lidgett

Jacquin: What are some of the more unique art requests that you’ve seen in your career? Are buyers wanting to feature sculptures in their homes? This is one of my favorite artistic elements in residential designs, sculptural artwork in the home!

Liz: I’ve seen a lot of blank walls in my career and the request I hear time and time again is how to fill an extra-large wall. I work with my clients through Adore Your Walls to decide on the perfect piece of art for their style, space and budget. Sometimes this means a gallery wall—sometimes it means one large piece— sometimes it means a mural. I do also love finding sculpture for homes, especially sculpture that can hang on a wall. It’s such an unexpected twist to design.

Jacquin: What do you tell people about art as an investment?

Liz: My number one tip to my clients is buy art that you love. Art can become an investment but, in my opinion, you should buy art because you connect with it and want it in your home. The investment piece is not something I encourage my clients to focus on.

Jacquin: How has your experience been launching your art advisory business?

Liz: This week marks four years since I launched my business. I started the company because I felt there was a real need in the Midwest and in Iowa, specifically, for art advisory that can help with a variety of budgets and styles, plus one that is transparent about the art buying process. Starting a company was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done and I haven’t looked back. I’ve been able to expand the business to an online art advisory site,, where I work with clients around the country. I also have worked with major brands like Better Homes and Gardens and Apartment Therapy for content creation and video hosting that focuses on affordable art.

Jacquin: How much money should someone put aside to begin a proper art collection? Do you have any tips or suggestions for newer collectors?

Liz: You don’t have to be a millionaire to start an art collection. I have many clients that have started their collections with limited edition prints, and then worked up to original, one-of-a-kind works of art. I’ve helped clients purchase artwork starting at $100 all the way up to 5 or 6 figures. My point being, you can start an art collection by putting away just a small percentage of your budget each month. There are so many talented artists working at a variety of price points. 

Jacquin: At what point, or in what circumstance, do you think it’s important to have your artwork appraised?

Liz: Great question. First, work with your insurance to see how much it is to put an additional rider on your policy for the artwork, the availability and cost varies by company. I have several clients that like to have anything over $1,000 appraised. For some, they want it to be at a much higher figure to have its own specific rider. Then have an appraiser update your information at least every 5 years. For many companies, within a certain time period the receipt of the purchase of the artwork may be enough to work with initially. Again, it’s important to find out what’s needed from your insurance and to also work with a qualified appraiser on a plan for what is specifically needed.

Jacquin: How was your experience decorating your home and selecting artwork for your space?

Liz: It’s a never-ending process. I use my home like a lab and experiment on projects before I recommend it to a client. This varies from installation tips, to framing, to color stories. Our home has become this wonderful playground. I am so passionate about what I do and my brain never seems to turn off from thinking about design, so it’s fun to spend some time working on my own space for a change.

Jacquin: What is your favorite work of art in your home right now?

Liz: I have loved the pink sculpture above our fireplace by Michael Peter Cain since the first time I laid eyes on it. It just seems to always glow and I love finding new and unexpected places for it.

Art consultant Liz Lidgett’s favorite work of art is this fantastic pink sculptural piece! (see above)

Jacquin: Tell us about your dream client! What does your business have in store for the new year?

Jacquin: I have been truly blessed with wonderful clients. I love working with clients where they are willing to do something fun and different. I love making a statement with my work and I think that’s when it is most successful. I don’t want to play it safe. Because I have a passion for helping people start their collections with affordable works, I’d love to work with larger retailers to help curate a line of affordable, stylish artwork. In the new year, watch my Instagram @LizLidgett to see some of our new and fun projects we’ll be working on! It’s fun to take people behind the scenes of our work and introduce them to new artists.

Happy Holidays and have a lovely weekend!


Author: InteriorsbyJacquin