Bloggers at Home: featuring Kasey Taube

Jacquin: It’s great to feature you on the blog today. Tell us about your blog, Kase Styles
Kasey: Thank you for including me on your incredible blog; I love what you are doing. My name is Kasey and I started a blog about a year ago called Kase Styles, as a source of inspiration for everyday life, providing its valued readers with a space to explore fashion, music, books, entertaining and the little pleasures of life.  I hope to really connect with my readers and not just be a space of inspiration, but a place where readers and I can connect. I love helping people and I want my blog to be a place that people can go to and feel welcomed and connected.
I majored in Fashion Marketing, but I have had a diverse professional background. I have managed an Anthropologie, worked in publishing (working with Wisconsin Bride, Oregon Bride, Seattle Magazine- to name a few), and I am currently a photo-shoot coordinator for a major retailer. I, as many others, started the blog as a creative outlet, but it has since grown into a much greater passion.

Jacquin: How was your experience studying Fashion Marketing? Do you use any of the skills you learned there as you are running your fashion blog?

Kasey: I am very passionate about Fashion and loved studying Fashion Marketing in college. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed my college experience. When I heard others talking about a final they had to cram for, I smiled because my finals were creating design boards and marketing plans. It was such an incredible experience and felt like it was catered specifically to my personality and interests.

I use all my skills I learned from studying Fashion Marketing while running the blog. It was part of the driving force behind starting the blog. At work I get to coordinate photo-shoots, which I love, but I work for, a sporting retailer, which isn’t really my style. With the blog I get to focus on fashion, which I am passionate about and I have complete control over the entire creative process. Blogging so far actually reminds me a lot of my college experience where I got to go trade shows, run fashion shows, and create a concept from beginning to end.

Jacquin: How would you describe your decorating style? How is your personal style reflected in your home?

Kasey: I would say that my personal style is classic with a little bit of edge. You can always find me in neutrals; black (my go to), beige, white and grey. As you will see in the pictures, this neutral palette is reflected in my home. My fiance Mike built our house before we were together, and had decorated it impeccably, but of course on the more masculine side. I have a more feminine aesthetic and have since added my own feminine flair to all of the rooms we re-decorated together. Or perhaps I should say “I” re-decorated to be more accurate. 🙂 If you could describe my interior design style I would say ‘Restoration Hardware’ or ‘French Industrial’. 

When researching for how I wanted to decorate my upcoming wedding, I searched “French Industrial” on Pinterest and found exactly what I was envisioning. Like my personal style, it is classic with a bit of industrial edge, but still within the feminine aesthetic. My home decor features some black accents, along with deer antlers and other industrial accents to balance the feminine. 

I got to design my bathroom completely from scratch. One of my favorite things is reading in a bubble bath with a glass of red wine!

Jacquin: You have a diverse career background from managing an Anthropologie store, to publishing, to photo-shoot coordinating. I must ask about your experience working at my absolute favorite store, Anthropologie! What did you learn from your experience working behind the scenes at Anthropologie?

Kasey: Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores as well and I loved working there (and of course loved the discount!). I had learned a lot about retail before I worked at Anthropologie having worked at a clothing boutique and Nordstrom previously, but working at Anthropologie really helped me discover my personal style and allowed me to learn the best ways of creating compelling visuals. My two favorite parts about working at Anthropologie was creating visual displays and meeting incredible people. The detail and effort Anthropologie puts into their visual displays inspires me to this very day, and some of the girls I worked with are now my best friends. I actually backpacked through Europe with one of the great friends I met through Anthropologie. Working at Anthropolgie opened doors to so many amazing opportunities.

Photo Credit: Andi Stempniak
Jacquin: What is your favorite space in your home?
Kasey: My favorite room in my house and where I spend most of my time is my living room. It was the first room in the house I got to completely redecorate. I put my heart and soul into. The room has a feminine flair and a neutral palette of beige on cream, which I absolutely love. You can often find me in the living room reading or watching, yet again, reruns of Gilmore Girls.
A very close second is my bathroom for similar reasons. I got to design the bathroom completely from scratch. One of my favorite things is reading in a bubble bath with a glass of red wine!

Visit Kasey’s blog, Kase Styles, where you’ll find inspiration for everyday life and more.


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