Stunning & Artistic Home Tour of Model Marisa Howard

Marisa Howard // Profession: Model & Blogger // Location: Dallas, TX
Jacquin: Thank you so much for sharing your at home
style with Interiors by Jacquin! Tell us about your fab lifestyle blog.
Marisa: Hi! My name is Marisa Howard, and I have a lifestyle blog called Marhow.  I write about all things from wellness and yoga to contemporary design, style, fashion, and family life. I have a three month old baby girl so lately I’ve been focused on all things baby. 
Jacquin: How would you describe your personal style?
Marisa: My personal style is very simple. I like to find a balance in being classic yet modern. I love to wear neutrals but pops of color in my accessories which is reflected in my home as well. I gravitate towards neutral furniture but colorful art. 
Jacquin: What is your favorite space in your home? 
Marisa: My favorite space is our nursery. It’s modern yet soft and soothing with a butterfly theme. So much thought went into it, and it was the first room to be completed in May after we renovated and moved in. I love the combination of the soft shades of gray, ivory, peach, and aqua. It was designed by Angeline Guido Hall and you can find all the details on my nursery design blog post here.
Jacquin: I love that you’re a collector of contemporary art (and shoes!).  I collect fine art, as well.  What is your favorite work of art at home? 
Marisa: Thank you! My favorite work of art we own is by an artist named Benjamin Shine called 15 Metres of Fame”. It’s a depiction of Andy Warhol’s face made out of hot pink tulle. We purchased the piece a few years ago at the very first MTV ReDefine art auction.

Jacquin:  Before I move on, I must say that I LOVE your art selections! They are all so unique and eye catching.  I definitely see what you mean about using artwork to add pops of color to your home!  Fabulous! Another must-ask question I have is about your beauty secrets.  As a model, are there any beauty or fashion tips that you have learned (or live by) that you think everyone woman could benefit from?

Marisa: Hmm I’ve learned a lot of tips from makeup artist over the years, and perhaps the most important one I’ve learned is how much your eyebrows frame your eyes. I never leave the house without tinted SPF moisturizer, eye cream, under-eye concealer, and sculpted brows. I use Anastasia brow powder and then a mascara wand to brush them upwards. 

Jacquin: When it comes to fashion, what are your favorite accessories right now?

Marisa: As a shoe collector, choosing a favorite pair of shoes is nearly impossible for me, but I love my made to order Monolo Blahnik BB Pumps. I love that you can custom choose the colors, material, and heel height.
My favorite fashion accessory is my leather Hermes wrap bracelet. I have various styles and colors, and love how classic and chic they are.

Marisa’s favorite shoes…

Marisa’s favorite shoes – Custom Monolo Blahnik BB Pumps

Marisa’s favorite fashion accessory…

Marisa wearing her
favorite Hermes wrap bracelet.
Jacquin: I’m new to Dallas and eager to learn about the best places in town.  So with you being a Dallas native, would you mind sharing your favorite boutique in Dallas 
Marisa: Well of course! My two favorite boutiques for clothing are Forty Five Ten and Planet Bardot. My two favorite boutiques for fun gifts and unique finds for the home are The Loveliest and Nuvo

Jacquin: I just check out your Dallas boutique recommendations, and I’m so happy you shared them with me!  Great stores! Thank you!!

Jacquin: Lastly, what would a perfect day be like for you?

Marisa: A perfect day for me would entail getting a full night sleep, doing yoga, and having a lovely meal with my family. It’s the simple things…

Photo Credit: Stephanie Drenka

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