Brighten Your Home with Flowerbox Wall Gardens

I am always on the hunt for new ways to enjoy plants at home (and in the office), and innovative company Flowerbox Wall Gardens has made this their entire mission. Flowerbox Wall Gardens works with preserved plants to create custom gardens that can be hung on your wall or placed on a surface as decor. One of the BEST things about Flowerbox’s wall gardens is that…

-they do not require watering…

-they do not require sunlight…

-and you can’t kill them! 

Flowerbox Wall Gardens can create a custom wall garden to match your style and aesthetic, and in a size perfect for your space. Flowerbox can even create an entire custom wall installation featuring their preserved plants if you’d like to go for a bolder look. Also noteworthy is that Flowerbox expertly preserves its own plants, so your finished wall garden will actually last for YEARS!

I recently had the opportunity to order my own custom wall garden from Flowerbox Wall Gardens. So exciting! Their company took the dimensions I wanted and then begin to mock-up various designs for me using a variety of plant species. The mock-ups are digital, so throughout the process I was eager to see what my own Flowerbox creation would look like in person.

When my wall garden arrived I found that the entire unit was very light as far as the weight is concerned. There was also hardware attached to make hanging my wall garden a breeze. I am so happy with how it turned out! I would definitely order with Flowerbox again, especially since the options for custom designs are nearly limitless. In the future, I would love to create a full wall installation in some area of my home. Until then I am loving my current wall garden which is a nice size of just under 3 feet wide.

Hanging my Flowerbox Wall Garden was so easy! 

Flowerbox has also recently introduced pre-made Flowerbox wall gardens that are ready to order right away, without the wait time of a custom design. While my own wall garden was a custom project, I have rounded-up some of my favorite ready-to-order Flowerbox products to share with you today. Take a look at these fab Flowerbox Wall Garden products that are ready to ship!

(1) “Nature” Wall Garden, X-Large Square – $950

(2) “Greenspiration” Wall Garden – $129.95

(3) Small Wall-Mount Flower Pot (several colors) – $29.95

(4) Ceramic Square Wall Planter (several colors) – $24.95

Hooray for plants that require zero effort!

Free Shipping on Orders over $35

Author: InteriorsbyJacquin