Creative Program for Artists!

**ONLY 3 SPOTS LEFT!** I’m excited to announce the launch of a new program for creative artists! If you’re currently a developing artist, an aspiring artist, or an artist who hasn’t created any artwork in a while, then this is the program for you! I’ve been painting at home and getting back into the swing of working with oil paints and it has been so inspiring and rewarding! I want to inspire other aspiring artists (and individuals who need to dust off their paints) to get busy creating and what better way to do this, than with the encouragement and support of other creative artists. 

Creating artwork daily is one of the best ways to grow as an artists, but this can be difficult to commit to. Through this FREE 8-week program you will work along side a partner who is also working to develop their artistry, and they will encourage you to keep creating! This program is also open to any artist interested in a fun artwork-exchange.

Over the course of this program, participants will create 4 original works of art (half page sized) to mail to their assigned partner. You will be creating and exchanging a work of art with your assigned partner every two weeks during the course of this 8 week program. This will be just the practice you need to help develop you as an artist! You will have the opportunity to discuss your works and encourage one another through guided questions over email. 

You will be surprised by the inspiration you will receive from exchanging artwork with other developing artists. Join the challenge and start creating!

Application deadline: Friday, May 6th (2016)

Materials required: The only materials required for this program are art supplies, postage for mailing your artwork, and 9″x12″ specialty art paper (e.g. canvas paper, watercolor paper, drawing paper – computer paper NOT allowed)

APPLY HERE! – Program will admit 16 participants, first come first serve. (U.S. participants only at this time.)
If you live internationally and you’d like to participate in the future, please email me and let me know. I am putting together an international wait list.

Author: InteriorsbyJacquin