Dreaming of the Perfect Sunroom Conservatory

One of the features in my dream home is an attached conservatory, perfect for a sunroom or greenhouse… or both! There are so many ways to use a conservatory space. I plan to use my conservatory as an additional space to host guests.  I can’t wait!  Here’s the

 I’m saving for my own in-home conservatory.  

Image via Impressive Interior Design

Image via Impressive Interior Design

Image via Impressive Interior Design


Image via Houzz, Vale Garden Houses

Greenwich Village NYC, August Restaurant, Image via Remodelista

Image via Impressive Interior Design

Conservatories can be a unique and magical setting for hosting guests, especially with all of the glass windows to look up at the stars and expansive sky.  I could also see myself adding a reading nook with a huge armchair to my conservatory.  It will be a welcome place to blog when I need a little sunshine.  Ahh… I can see it now.  Now someone pass me my favorite magazines with a big cup of tea and I’m all set for an afternoon of enjoyment… or at least that’s how imagine it would go.  Lol

Would you consider a conservatory for your home? Anyone out there already enjoying a conservatory?  I’d love to hear about your experiences and tips!


Author: InteriorsbyJacquin