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Hi there! I’m Carrie from Wear + Where + Well, a lifestyle blog that celebrates fashion, travel, and much more.  An engineer and financial professional by education and experience, I embrace my creative spirit through my writings on my site.  I enjoy learning continually – whether about emerging fashion designers, the hot trend of the season, or a new travel destination – and sharing that with my readers. 

How could I not be inspired by this room Jacquin shared with me? From the lacquered cobalt walls to the black and white floral art plus much more, this room was chock full of inspiration! Here are the three primary ways that I was influenced by the room.
1. The color pallet
Coincidentally, this vibrant cobalt blue color is very on trend for fall. I’ve been wanting to dive into this shade fashion wise, so I considered this to be a sign to do so. I immediately thought of this skirt 

Furthermore, I love how the touches of black in the room through both the art and the rug really ground the blue. Style wise, accessorizing my look with black helped keep the blue from feeling too light and spring-like. Much like it grounded the room, the black in my shoes and bag anchored my look. 

By the way, did you notice that small pop of orange in the room via the lamp? Even that inspired me! Can you see how that little red heart I found on the streets of Houston reminded me of the orange in the room? 
2. The line
I loved the juxtaposition of lin arity and curvature in this room. The strong lines of the walls are balanced by the curves of the desk, chairs, and more.  Much the same way, the strong lines of my shoes and the skirt border balance out the curves of the florals and the scallops of the neckline
3. The style
To me, this room oozes elegance, but in a modern way. So, that’s what I tried to capture with my look
– a fresh, classy, elegant look.

Bonus style tip: Never be afraid to re-purpose an item in
a manner beyond its primary purpose. Here, I’ve let a one-piece
 double as a body suit paired with a skirt. 


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Thanks so much for letting me share with you here! I’d love to have you join me on my adventures on Wear + Where + Well
-Carrie Colbert

Photos by Ashley Cardoza


Author: InteriorsbyJacquin