Celebrating the Diversity of Love + a Home Tour!

My name is Ashley Sirah Nicole Chea and I run a wonderful family website called WatermelonEggrolls together with my husband and daughter. We started the site to showcase the truth behind stereotypes and to highlight our healthy eating and living. I am also soon to be the mother of two (currently pregnant with my second child), as well as being a writer and author. 

I am excited to be working on my second children’s book, in addition to a parenting journal. From children’s books, to beauty campaigns, and artist management, we have a diverse work palate to match the diversity of cultures in our family. WatermelonEggrolls celebrates the love and diversity of The Chea Family, while promoting family unity and the full spectrum of beautiful skin tones on this earth.  

My  favorite space in our home is definitely our patio. We transformed it into a beautiful space for reading, writing and creating. The succulents surround the table giving it a peaceful and loving feel. The curtains we added allow us to have privacy while enjoying the outdoors and the same time. 

We only hang our daughter’s framed artwork and family photos as decor, which really adds a warm family focus to our space.

We are originally from Columbus, Ohio where we also own a home. Our home in Ohio is warm with exposed brick and wood floors. It was decorated with a sense of culture and simplicity. When we moved to Orange, California we weren’t sure if we were going to stay longer than a year. So originally we kept our new apartment very bare with extreme minimal necessities. Now that we are going to stay a little longer, we have added some personal pieces and pictures to the walls. We only hang our daughter’s framed artwork and family photos as decor, which really adds a warm family focus to our space. 
We have a special little nook that is dedicated to our travels and the places our friends and family have been. Our bookshelf and book collection would be the spot in our house that expresses who we are as individuals and a family. 

My favorite hobbies are going hiking, swimming or being on road trips with my husband and daughter. We love when it’s just the three of us, soon to be four. We live a very minimalistic lifestyle and it has afforded us the opportunity to travel and experience life more. The most important thing to my husband and I is creating memories and enjoying nature. Our ultimate goal is to move into a tiny house and travel the world with our children, while helping to develop underdeveloped countries.

My first book was “Beautiful Beautiful Me“, a children’s book about diversity and self love. I also run a beauty campaign called “Beautiful Me“, where I have the opportunity to go to schools and lead workshops about self love, diversity, family, and healthy living for ages k-12.  I’m also working on an organic baby line and a documentary on beauty. I love that I get to create with my career.
With our focus on healthy living, we also enjoy sharing healthy and vegan recipes on WatermelonEggrolls. Here is one of our recent recipes for BBQ Vegan Pizza with Beyond Meat Vegan Chicken Strips that can be prepared in the oven or on the grill.
The perfect day for me would be laying on the beach in Greece or the south of France with my daughters and husband while reading a book. Eating fruit and drinking a smoothie while my husband surfs and the girls play in the sand. Returning home to our beautiful little home overlooking the beach and laying in the bed watching movies until we fall asleep. 
Follow along on our family adventures at WatermelonEggrolls.

Seamless Binder 760 x 280

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