Eclectic Home Tour featuring Kate Reid of KROMA by Kate

Today we head to the UK to tour the home of illustrator and all around creative, Kate Reid of Kroma by Kate. Kate’s creative brand Kroma by Kate has recently been expanded to include surface design and fashion and even more to come. Her eclectic home serves as an influence for her artistry and creative career. Here’s our recent chat on home decorating and being a creative entrepreneur!

Jacquin: Hi Kate! How would you describe your artistry?

Kate: I have always had a thing for colour and after graduating as an Illustrator, I became fond of the idea of branding myself so that I could explore more creative outcomes under one name. So, my roots are within illustration and painting, but I tend to branch out to surface design and textiles too. I enjoy working in pen and ink as well as paper collage. I try to balance using older techniques such as screen printing with keeping up with the digital age!

Jacquin: Tell us about your new collection! What was your inspiration? What was your process for creating this collection?

Kate: My newest collection is based around fashion styling and trends using bold motifs and pattern. The collection will include silk scarves, sweatshirts and t-shirts. I am also working on some new limited edition screen prints. I feel that this collection, much like most of my work, combines both modern and nostalgic elements.

Jacquin: I love that you and your husband are both creative types (with your husband working on screen printing, sign writing and more). Have you two had the opportunity to collaborate on any creative projects? What future creative project would be on your bucket list together?

Kate: Thank you! Our biggest collaboration was probably designing all our stationery for our wedding last year. It was so fun to work together, Joff doing the typography and screen printing, and I chose the colours and layouts. I think we make a good creative team. We’ve spoken about collaborating again sometime soon!

Jacquin: How has your experience been decorating your home as newlyweds so far? What has been your favorite home décor DIY up to this point?
Kate: We love our little space and decorating it has been all the fun. I think our most successful and favorite DIY project has to be our contact-paper marble kitchen cabinets (shown above). If, like us, you rent and need a way to modernise, this is so easy and makes a huge overall difference to your space. We’ve really loved filling our home with our personal items and making it both comfortable and cozy.
Jacquin: Where do you like to get your creative work done? What makes a great environment for you to be creative?
Kate: I share a home studio with my husband Joff, which is where we do all our creating. It’s been great to share with another creative (I had my own studio for 2 years) because you can bounce ideas off one another and always have a second opinion on hand if needed. Freelancing can also get pretty lonely so, when we can, we tend to doweekend studio days so that we can work together. 
A great environment for me to be inspired is one filled with all my work and inspiration. I tend to always have a pin board filled with visuals above my computer as well as any little ornaments or colourpalettes close by. I like to see all my things on display! I guess you could call it organized mess but the more colour, the better! – The colours that inspire me the most tend to be pastels and I love little inspiring quotes and messages. I also fill my spaces with lots of plants!
Jacquin: What is your favorite space in your home?
Kate: I am always changing my mind on my favorite space but currently, it is our bedroom. Out of all the rooms in our apartment, it has the least colour but is so calming and tranquil. I think it makes a change for me who is normally drawn to bolder pattern and colour palettes. Joff chose the design and decor for this room which is probably another reason why I love it!
Jacquin: What is inspiring you creatively right now?
Kate: At the moment, with summer approaching in the UK, I am really enjoying the “laid back surf vibes” and bohemian textures mixed with muddy pastel colours. My pinterest shows all of my current inspiration. Trends really inspire my illustrations whether that be fashion or interiors. Here’s a few things and creative people I am loving right now…

Author: InteriorsbyJacquin