When you want a taste of France at Home… And a Cozy Office Tour!


Jacquin: Hi Emily! Thanks for joining us today! Tell us about yourself an your blog.

Emily: Hi Everyone! I’m Emily Grossman from  Goutaste.com, a fun little Franco Foodie Lifestyle blog that I run out of my new home office in Denver CO. As a lifelong francophile and more recent foodie, I found myself drawn to Paris. After living there for six months, I exhausted my income (and my visa) and had to return to the States – I just didn’t want to leave my new French way of life behind! I started Goutaste as a way to share my French lifestyle with others who wanted to experience French life in their day to-day — all without the $1200 plane ticket 🙂

By day, I also work as a consultant specializing in mobile SEO, app search optimization, and social media. 
Jacquin: What is your favorite thing about your workspace?
Emily: This workspace really came together in the last couple of months when I hired a design company, Zeal Denver to re-do an under-used part of my condo and transform it into my ideal office. The place really came out exactly as I had wanted it (it looks just like my pinterest boards ) but my favorite piece is absolutely the hanging chair (above). I love to read in it on Sunday mornings, and the cup holders make it so I never have to get down. I can stay in it for hours – of course my cat, Dani, loves it, too!
Jacquin: What is your absolute favorite office trinket, decor item, or office tool?
Emily: Denver can get chilly, so I love having a furry blanket nearby. My favorite trinkets are on my bookshelf: globe reminds me of the places I want to travel, my favorite books are there to inspire me, and match boxes from some of my favorite Denver restaurants serve as my sort of foodie collection!
Jacquin: As a fellow Francophile I must ask, how did you become a Francophile, Emily? I studied abroad in Nice for the first time in middle school and I have been hooked ever since!
Emily: I honestly cannot remember a time when I wasn’t a Francophile! My dad is a filmmaker and I suppose all of the nouvelle vague he showed me as a kid must have seeped in! But in all seriousness, the movies hooked me first, then the language, and finally the food (oh, the food)! Moving to Paris really sealed the deal for me as I found so many wonderful people and special moments living in France. I think the pace really resonated with me, and the high-fat diet sure doesn’t hurt!
Jacquin: What’s your favorite French recipe? 
Emily: My favorite French recipe is this madeleines recipe that I modified to mimic the madeleines my teacher’s wife would make in Paris. The best French food to make at home is very simple and lets the quality of its ingredients shine – madeleines are the perfect example. Get high quality butter, great vanilla, and a super ripe lemon – it makes all the difference. Plus fresh madeleines just make your whole house smell amazing!
Jacquin: Thanks for sharing your recipe.  Sounds yummy!  So, what would the perfect day be like for you?
Emily: After waking up with my kitten, I make coffee in my french press and open my curtains to a gorgeous snowy day. I curl up in the chair with a cup of coffee, a madeleine, a good book in my hand and the cat on my lap. I drive out to the mountains for a half day of skiing that ends with a tasty dinner and cocktails back home at beast + bottle, my favorite restaurant in my neighborhood. I finish the evening writing a post for Goutaste by the fire and drinking a bit of port wine (miam!)
Jacquin:  I think you’ve converted me, Emily!  Your perfect day sounds like it could be my perfect day too!  🙂 Thanks for chatting with me today!


Author: InteriorsbyJacquin