5 Creative Ways to Use Wall Sconces

Photo via Brabbu featuring Newton Wall Sconces 
The impact that light fixtures have on a space is often underrated! Sconces are a particularly an underappreciated hero of lighting. They are diverse, and can be dramatic or subtle. The symmetry created by sconces can completely refine a space. Using sconces as a light fixture can frame, highlight, or be its own piece of art in any space. This blog post will show five (creative) ways to use sconces in your own home! 
Alaina Kaczmarski’s bedroom via of The Every Girl 


#1 – Use wall sconces in the bedroom: 
There is a sconce for every style bedroom. Sconces can be feminine and elegant like the ones in Alaina Kaczmarski’s bedroom above. In contrast, sconces can also fit a modern and industrial space like the ones pictured below by Restoration Hardware. A sconce on each side of the bed elevates the typical bedside table aesthetic, introducing great symmetry while working well as reading light also! 



#2 – Use wall sconces outdoors:
Sconces can be used in various different outdoor contexts. Two sconces in an entryway add a symmetrical lighting and decorative element to a front door. Sconces can also create ambiance in a backyard outdoor entertaining space. A great way to add detail to a garage area is through sconces. The fixtures are decorative and practical in outdoor spaces.

Photo via Ronique Gibson of Stagetecture


#3 – Use wall sconces to frame artwork:
Sconces can add dimension to wall art and gallery walls! Your sconces can even pull together the colors around the art to create a cohesive space. For example, the scones below pick up the gold accents of the room, making the photograph pop! 

#4 – Use wall sconces for bathroom lighting:
Sconces in a bathroom can either be very fluid and subtle, or they can make a statement. Brass sconces create a bold and modern look in a bathroom, especially against the usual clean colors of a bathroom such as blues, grays and whites. They bring life and a contemporary touch to a neutral space.
Photo via of Blog Lovin’
#5 – Use statement wall sconces as their own works of art:
There are so many amazing sconces out there that can hold their own as a statement decorative element in a room. With creative variations of sconces available like the Jonathan Adler Puzzle Sconce below, you can easily bring an art-deco elements to your space or go for another statement making sconce design. 
Design by Kelly Wearstler
1. Art Craft Bronze Wall Sconce – Jasper Park
2. Rio Indoor/Outdoor Wall Sconce – Jonathan Adler
3. Puzzle Sconce – Jonathan Adler
4. Silver “Twig” 2-Light Wall Sconce – Global Views


Author: InteriorsbyJacquin