5 Stylish Ways to Organize Your Home Office

If your home office is notorious for its overflowing paperwork, tangled electronic cables, and a general feeling of overwhelming clutter then look no further because this “How To” is specifically made for you! For many people, the home office often becomes “The Room Filled With All The Extra Stuff We Can’t Fit Anywhere Else”, which is great for reducing messes everywhere else!… Until the moment you rush to the office to complete an important project, only to open the door and realize you’ve just been transported to another dimension (and not a pretty one). But hey, no judgement here – it happens to the best of us! And with these 5 space saving tips, you’ll be able to transform that otherworldly mess into a stylish office you’ll actually be excited to work in. 

#1 Cubbies, baskets, bins, oh my!

Cubby storage systems + chic baskets/bins = adorably organized! Bins are especially useful for storing all that not-so-cute junk laying around your room as well. 

#2 Talk to yourself! (with bulletin/message boards, I mean)

Keep all your loose sticky notes, memos, and to-do lists on bulletin and message boards! That way you’ll never forget what to do next, and it’ll keep your desk nice and clean. 

#3 Bar carts… but less alcohol, more supplies (okay maybe just one bottle of wine)

Rolling carts are truly the best way to keep all that little stuff organized and tucked away in one easy-to-reach place. Plus you can bring the cart with you no matter what area of the office you’re in! 

#4 These walls were made for hangin’… and thats just what they’ll do! 

Use your wall space wisely. Hang up shelving and wall organizers to keep your floors clean and your mind clear! 

#5 Give it a designated area – AND KEEP IT THERE!

It’s much easier to stay organized when all of your paperwork and supplies have an assigned spot it’ll return to after every use. These rose gold file organizers from Masions du Monde are a wonderfully chic way to keep all of your little things in one area! 

Products from Masions du Monde

However, perhaps the most important tip to remember is that organization does not only make a space look great, but it also helps ease your mind! Keeping your work space tidy will help you reduce stress and allow your creativity to flow in a more free and relaxed environment! 


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Author: InteriorsbyJacquin