5 Tips to Upgrade Your Bathroom

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A drab and out-dated bathroom can impact your overall mood. If you are ready to try something that better reflects your style and taste, why not start with your upgrading your bathroom? Your bathroom is the most important room in the house. With the average person spending over a year and a half of their life in their bathroom, it’s worth turning it into something you’ll enjoy for a long time. Our previous article on A Bathroom to Suit Every Style illustrates several luxurious styles which you can incorporate into your own home. So, with that in mind, here are a few more tips and ideas for when you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom.

1. Create a Spa-Like Atmosphere

Turn your bathroom into a relaxing Zen retreat, with luxurious high-end fixtures, calming subdued colors, a soaker tub, steam shower, and soft-lighting. For this design style, look no further than Japanese bathroom designs. Lushhome states that bathing is an art and spiritual activity in Japan, and a soaking tub is often the focal point in a traditional Japanese bathroom. For your own design, look to incorporate a free-standing, luxurious Japanese style soaking tub, made from natural materials, and simple functional design. In this sense, wood is the ideal material for creating a spa-like, peaceful atmosphere, with mahogany and teak having unique textures and beautiful, natural shades. Couple this with earthy color shades to add natural energy and lighting that incorporates dimmers to enhance your design with a pleasant, soothing effect and soft glow.

2. Ensure Your Pipes and Plumbing are Checked

To make sure your existing plumbing system can support the latest in luxury plumbing fixtures, it should be inspected prior to any major fixture installation. New smart products for bathrooms are trending and are creating luxuriously tailored experiences for homeowners. Grohe UK’s Paul Bailey explains that smart installations like Bluetooth controlled showers and toilets are helping create the perfect home spas. So, before you start, you should have the plumbing and pipes checked to see if they meet the recommended standards and can cope with the new connected luxury fixtures. Plumbing experts at HomeServe note how it is best to be prepared for the unexpected, especially when it comes to burst pipes and blocked drains. When making big changes to your bathroom it pays to get your water systems checked by a professional.

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3. Use Natural Stone Tile

Every natural stone is unique and is perfect in creating a timeless look and calming energy. Stone is perfect for insulating heat that will help keep your home warm in winter and cool in the summer. Natural stone like granite and marble are great conductors of heat and can be easily adaptable to a variety of below-surface radiant heating systems. Marble, in particular, has a beautiful, elegant and unique look.

The latest trends in bathroom tile design in the U.S. highlight new styles like walk-in-showers that feature a luxurious floor surface full of large marble slabs that hide the linear drainage lines beneath. Elle Decor notes how full marble flooring is a bespoke detail that will feel extra luxe with matching marble walls.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that marble is a high maintenance option requiring frequent cleaning and sealing. On the other hand, granite is much more durable, requires less maintenance and still retains the high aesthetic qualities that will complement your luxury bathroom. Both granite and marble can be difficult to install and will require professional installation services.

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4. Add Comfortable Seating

Another popular trend in the U.S., and found in nearly every high-end bathroom, is to incorporate comfortable seating. An elegant couch, tufted ottoman or an ornately carved armchair are not only practical, but add an air of luxury. Whether you’re looking to sit down and towel off or just want a place to do your nails and makeup, Better Homes & Gardens states that a cushioned couch or armchair really increase the comfort level. Not only will it make your bathroom more stylish but it will also make it a place where you’ll want to spend more time to unwind and relax.

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5. Install Radiant Heating

Let’s face it; cold floors during the winter make waking up in the morning a daunting prospect. This is why radiant heating is popular across the world, especially in regions where the winter months get really cold like in Canada and Japan. So, why not eliminate cold mornings with some under-floor radiant heating? Your bathroom is the ideal place for radiant heating. Apart from the fact that it will warm up your flooring and maintain a cozy temperature, unlike forced-air heating, radiant floor heating slowly drifts up through the bathroom, keeping your space heated for longer. Heated floors are also very energy efficient and the heat distribution will be much more even. Compared to forced-air heating, radiant heating can save you 10-30% on your monthly heating bill.

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