Artist Spotlight: Contemporary Artist Martin Wehmer

I’ve recently come across the artwork of Hong Kong based, German artist Martin Wehmer. His work captures snapshots of everyday life for his subjects, while utilizing heavy, textured brushtrokes. Whether his subjects are real or fictitional, we are drawn into their stories through the depth and vivid nature of his painting. Wehmer’s paintings are abstract with an expressionist undertone, leaving me wanting to know more after each work. He describes his painting style as “the meaning of post-abstraction painting…in the field between abstraction and figurism.” You can find Martin Wehmer’s artwork on Artsy.

Card Women, 2014, Oil on Canvas, Martin Wehmer

Da Penti, 2014, Oil on canvas, Martin Wehmer

Oil on canvas, Martin Wehmer

Shave, 2015, Oil on Canvas, Martin Wehmer

Lu Shou Tao, 2014, Oil on canvas, Martin Wehmer
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