Fashion meets Interior Design: with Addie Benson of Old World New

Hello everyone!  My name is Addie and I write life + style blog Old World New that focuses on thrift-style and sustainability.  I’m so excited to share with you the outfit I created for this installment of Jacquin’s “Fashion Meets Interior Design” series.  I’m a strong believer in trends transcending genres – or simply put, you’d be surprised to see how designs in home and in fashion can be so similar!  

I love finding unique vintage and thrifted clothes, and combining them with modern finds.  There are also so many classic brands producing ethical and sustainable clothes these days (you can see more of that over on my blog), so I love using pieces like that to create beautiful outfits and inspire others to buy from more sustainable brands.  Hopefully one day, all of the fashion and home decor brands we love will be more conscious of the processes they use and the treatment of their employees! 
The photo inspiration for my outfit instantly made me think of three different distinct styles: vintage, modern, and monochromatic with a splash of color. This room is the perfect merger of my favorite styles along with a dash of cultural flair, which I absolutely love! I shopped my own closet first and remembered the black and white geometric overalls I purchased from Marshalls a few years ago. The geometric patterned overalls reminded me of the patterned wall in the interior design inspiration, which made this the perfect outfit to showcase this uniquely decorated room. If you're looking to score a unique pair of overalls too, here is a similar patterned pair from Target. 

As for the jacket I'm wearing, I went thrift shopping recently and stumbled upon a brightly patterned jacket in the sweater section (see my "How to Thrift" post about looking in all departments and paying attention to pattern and prints while thrifting). I tried it on, and it was quirky, but even my boyfriend agreed that it had potential (he knew I could find a way to make it work, which is really part of the fun). I had no idea when or where I was going to wear it but I new it would have its day to shine!

My jacket selection reminds me of the unique, upholstered coffee table featured in this room, which I love happens to be an upcycled, bohemian suitcase. I also liked that my jacket picks up the colors in the beautiful multi-colored sofa.  Next, I paired these boldly patterned statement pieces with an Every Ella screened t-shirt with the empowering quote, “She is imperfect, and that’s what makes her real.” Finally, I accessorized with neutral booties to match the neutral pillows and window coverings, and gold jewelry to emulate the gold and bronze of the stools, light fixtures and teapots. 

This room is bold, modern and inviting all at the same time, and I believe my outfit mirrors the interior design in the sense that it can be worn in both casual and professional scenarios, like this mixed-style interior design.  I actually wore the overalls to work with a black fuzzy sweater over them. You never know what you'll discover when you thrift! You may find the perfect selections to be dressed up or down creatively.

Thank you, Jacquin, for the opportunity to share my style on your blog.  You can find me on Facebook at Old World New and also on on Instagram. You can also check out my Facebook community Thrift It! Clique for more thrift shopping inspiration.  Now go shop your own closet and search the racks at a thrift store near you to create your own amazingly bold outfits, too!

xoxo – Addie

Author: InteriorsbyJacquin