Artist Spotlight Series: Sal Jones

Today I’m excited to introduce my monthly Artist Spotlight series!  I’m a lover of the fine arts and I am always delighted to discover an artist whose work is aesthetically impactful and tells a story. This month I’m featuring Artfinder painter and mixed media artist, Sal Jones of London! I am loving both her older and newer works. Her painting style is bold and expressive. 

“I Need, Absolutely, To Be Alone, Oil and acrylic on canvas, Sal Jones (2013)

Lovely Lily, (Misfits Collection) Oil on linen, Sal Jones (2010)

United, (Misfits Collection) Oil on linen, Sal Jones (2010)

You’re Heartless, Oil on canvas, Sal Jones

Her artwork, as described by Sal, is portrait style, capturing and then reinterpreting emotions in time, while “blurring the boundary between fact and fiction” when portraying the human psyche.  Sal’s work is not posed, but rather takes an almost fictional approach.  She thinks of her paintings as “character studies”, which really conveys just how much is shared about these “characters”, if you will, in Sal’s emotion-capturing, color saturated works. 

It Was Easy For Me, Oil on canvas, Sal Jones

Sal’s work captures a moment in time in the subject’s life and allows the viewers to interpret for themselves what emotions are going on in the mind of the “character”.  If you’re enjoying Sal Jones’ artwork as much as I am, she has many more works featured on, a great website for sourcing artwork for your home!  

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s artist feature. I’m eager to see even more of Sal Jones’ work in the future.  You can purchase her stunning paintings on Sal Jones’ page on Arfinder. If you are an artist interested in being featured or if you have an artist you’d like to suggest, please contact me via email. I love learning about new artists! Be sure to subscribe to catch the next Artist Spotlight. 


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Author: InteriorsbyJacquin