Artist Spotlight: Watercolor artist Alaia Cabo

Today’s Artist Spotlight features watercolor painter Alaia Cabo from Spain by way of Denmark. Her serene paintings are Asian inspired and perfect for creating a relaxing environment at home. Alaia shares her insight on being an artist and creating below. 

Art as therapy… 

Art means a lot to me. I believe that playing with colors and forms is a kind of therapy, and it makes me feel happy and relaxed. I clear my mind and find a purpose through the paints. Creating art has being with me since I was little… I always new what I wanted to do. -Alaia Cabo

Cultural influences in Alaia’s artwork…

like to reflect on the minimalism of Scandinavian design in my artwork by utilizing white space combined with powerful color at specific points. However, my painting style is more Asian in inspiration than anything. I like to paint with fast and very expressive brush strokes, capturing the energy of an object rather than focusing on the details.


Developing a style of art… 

I started to study art seriously when I was in art school in Pamplona, Spain. I had the opportunity to learn about other art forms, like the Asian style of painting that I enjoy today. I still research great painters from Asia for inspiration. Another source of inspiration for me are flowers and nature. I also really enjoy botanical art.


Alaia Cabo’s watercolor painting brighten up this kitchen perfectly!

Gallery wall featuring the artwork of Alaia Cabo. 

Artist Alaia Cabo at home in her studio in Denmark.

If you’ve enjoyed Alaia Cabo’s serene paintings then you will love her Instagram page as well. To shop Alaia’s latest works visit her Etsy shop. Have a great week!

Author: InteriorsbyJacquin