At Home with Artist Meghan Jones

I’m starting the week with a home tour sure to get you to look twice!  Today we’re entering the stylish, yet delightfully eccentric world of artist Meghan Jones of Dallas, TX.  Thanks for giving Interiors by Jacquin a look inside your home, Meghan! 

Now without further ado, I present Meghan Jones…

Art has always been a huge part of my world and one of my greatest passions. The goal of my art is to share and express aspects of myself and my life. Over the years living in both California and Texas, my artistic direction has grown to exhibit a West Coast, hip yet-sophisticated style combined with the rugged and natural flair of the great State of Texas. I am inspired by pop art and culture, fashion and anything that is risqué, provocative or slightly over the line.

My favorite part of my apartment is my “BITCH” wall.  I love this space in my apartment because I feel it perfectly embodies my decorating and design style.  The wall is painted Ralph Lauren British Racing Green.  It’s covered in paintings of a Rolex (“Thanks Stupid”) and a Chanel Bag (“Hard On For Chanel”) adjacent to a deer skull acquired on a fun weekend girls trip to Canton, TX.  This wall is juxtaposition at its finest! 

Meghan on art & decorating…

In my art as well as design, I love using juxtaposition- feminine vs. masculine; elegant vs. rustic; traditional vs. eccentric.  I love using tons of colors and mixing and matching diverse patterns you wouldn’t think would work, but actually do.

Take a look at this awesome DIY feature-wall Meghan created with pages from vintage books (above)…

Meghan’s favorites… this work of art & these fab shoes! 

It’s so hard to choose just one piece to be my favorite, but I’d probably have to say it’s an oil on canvas piece I did in college of a boy and his dog sitting on a dock.  It’s called “Gen and Ellie”. 

And as for my personal style, If Jackie O and Penny Lane (the fictional haracter from Almost Famous) had a love child- that would be my personal style.  Refined but unpretentious.  My favorite blogger right now is Christine Andrew of Hello Fashion.

Don’t miss those lips on the wall!  Such a unique gallery. Create your own gallery of wall art by snapping your own series of photos and hanging them together! 

Fun Fact about Meghan…

I was on reality show I Wanna Marry Harry!  It was a great experience.  I met some interesting people and made a life long friendship with one of the other lovetestants, Maggie Toraason.  Matt Hicks (Prince Harry) was a complete doll and such a sweetheart! I Wanna Marry Harry started my career in radio and tv, so for that, I am very thankful.  

Meghan’s perfect day…

Wakingup with my dog Lulu and having a really great cup of coffee, then spending the day outdoors with great friends, great food and great booze.
Credits: All
photos are by Lisa Aceves, All
clothes are from Movida (@movidaboutique), Shoes are by Gucci.
If you’re inspired by the various artistic touches in Meghan’s home, here are the top decorating do-it yourself ideas I’ve pulled from this awesome home tour.  You’ll definitely want to try these in your space!

Decorating Takeaways from Meghan’s Home:

  1. Be bold in decorating!  Let your home reflect YOU!
  2. Create your own DIY doormat like Meghan has done in her home and like I mentioned in my recent post here.  Such an easy way to personalize your home!
  3. Paint a feature accent wall!  Meghan has 3 fantastic accent walls in her home.  This will make your home really stand out!  For Meghan’s painted accent wall she uses Ralph Lauren’s “British Racing Green” paint at her home’s entrance and she painted a chevron pattern above her fireplace.  Don’t get stuck in the white wall rut! 
  4. Add a touch of vintage flair DIY-style by decorating with pages from reclaimed and vintage books.  Meghan creates a fantastic feature wall covered in pages from the first edition of “The Scarlett Letter” and a vintage book on etiquette.  However, any old looking books from a thrift store will give you the same fabulous effect by tearing out the pages and creating a wall collage.  Be sure to share a photo with Interiors by Jacquin if you try this DIY vintage book wall at home!
  5. Own your personal style and enjoy decorating your home!
Learn more about Meghan Jones and her artwork at her website or at her fun Instagram & Twitter pages.  Happy Monday!

Author: InteriorsbyJacquin