Getting to Know Jaava Homes – Custom home builders

Curious about what is involved when you decide to build a custom home? I am excited to present a new blog series with custom home building company Jaava Homes in Southlake, TX, a suburb of Dallas. This company has truly impressed me with their professionalism, attention to detail, and high-end finishes. Throughout this series I will be sharing their insider information and expertise on what to expect and lookout for during the home building and home renovation process, in addition to featuring Jaava Homes projects from beginning to end. I will be showcasing their luxury home designs and getting you excited about updates you can make to your own home and future custom build.

Today I’m interviewing Jaava Homes owner and partner Arianne Chaisson and learning more about what their company offers custom home and renovation clients. Additionally, we’re delving into one of their current renovation projects that is on its way to the finish line.

What is Jaava Homes’ mission when it comes to working with clients?

We want to build the best quality home or remodel that meets the vision, timeline and budget of our clients. For the majority of our clients we recognize that this is the single largest purchase that they will make in their lives, and we want them to feel secure in trusting us with their investment. We want our clients to wake up in the morning, and find their serenity, peace and joy in their home.

Inevitably, we will encounter issues on the project, however, we do our best to communicate regularly with our clients and make sure that they understand the construction process and provide input into solving issues. We have been so fortunate to have built our clients dream homes!

Owner Arianne Chaisson with partner & co-owner Jeremey Chaisson and home budiling expert Jeremy Craft.

Behind the scenes at Jaava Home’s recent renovation project.

How did you decide on the name Jaava Homes?

The name Jaava is the combination of one of our partner’s two kids – Ava and Jacob. The idea behind the name is to build something meaningful for the future of our families and our clients’ families.

What is your process when remodeling a family’s home?

We like to go slow to go fast – what that means is that we take the time upfront to understand the scope of work, the client’s budget and timeline. Each of our client’s has a very unique project – whether it be budget, schedule, or style. It’s important for us to listen, then provide feedback in order to exceed expectations.

Jaava Homes is also creating a dream outdoor living & kitchen area for this client.

What’s next for Jaava Homes this year?

We are extremely lucky to have several projects in flight! We have several build jobs and remodel/additions in flight. The project we’re all the most excited over is our new project in Bella Crossing. Gorgeous ~1acre lots, all custom-built homes starting at $600,000. The area is absolutely gorgeous! It’s 15 minutes outside of downtown Fort Worth and major shopping with rolling hills, gorgeous natural stone and wildflowers! To boot, in the Aledo, Texas school division!

How do you manage quality assurance?

We manage quality leveraging multiple mechanisms. Quality to us encompasses a variety of factors – materials and laborers inclusive. On the material side, there are so many options in the marketplace today. We lean heavily on our suppliers including our plumbing, HVAC, window/door manufacturers, etc to understand the advantages of one material over another – not just paying attention to cost, but rather the full 360-degree view of cost, quality, how to install, laborers certified, timeline, etc. Further, we tour as many manufacturing plants as possible to understand how each material itself is manufactured.

On the labor side, our primary method is leveraging trades that we have worked with that we know address quality issues on a timely basis. Further, we have trade meetings upfront to ensure that when multiple trades are needed (like installing a steam shower where we need a plumber, electrician and tiler), we have a group meeting upfront to ensure that we don’t miss any manufacturer specifications. We have honed down our trade base for this very reason.

Further, often times if we are using a new trade or a new material, we will have an independent trade or inspector verify the work performed has been to specification.

What is your favorite stage of the home building or remodeling process?

That’s so hard! Each member of our team may have a different answer! I absolutely love the entire process – but, I would say the beginning and the end! From discussing the plan to selecting materials and then seeing that vision/dream realized!

Jaava Homes looks forward to building your dream home! P.S. I’ve joined Jaava Homes as part of their decorating team.

Stay tuned! During this series you’ll see how this specific home renovation progresses from its half way point to the last, finishing touch. You also won’t want to miss the unveiling of some of Jaava Homes other custom built homes designed by her team from the ground up, which have stunning, luxury finishes! This will be an educational series full of great information for those of you interested in pursuing a custom home, not to mention filled with unique and impressive finishes that may be new to you.

If you’d like to move forward with your own custom built home or renovation project, contact Jaava Homes to get started. They also have newly built homes available for sale throughout North Texas with the same luxury finishes and innovative building techniques their company is known for.

Photo credit: Yaaboaa Hollingsworth

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Home Tour – Artist Susie Kwiatkowski

Artist Susie Kwiatkowski‘s home captures her curated aesthetic perfectly. It’s a blend of antiques with a touch of Palm Beach Chic, all tied together with Susie’s colorful, floral oil paintings. It’s no surprise that Susie has an eye for interiors with her resume including work at an interior design firm and Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International. After an afternoon chatting with Susie and touring her home, I gained a new design & art enthusiast friend and a fresh addition to the Interiors by Jacquin Home Tour Series!

Jacquin: How would you describe your painting style? Who would love your artwork?

Susie: My style depends on the medium and whether it is bespoke for a client, or of my own musings. A common thread in my work is a bright and cheerful point of view. My goal is to capture beautiful moments, enhance what draws me to them, and hang on for dear life!

People who like my art are confident and know what they love.  Big thank you to my clients for keeping me busy with their fabulous requests and encouragement!

Hydrangea Light IX – by Susie Kwiatkowski

Jacquin: How did your passion develop for painting flowers?

Susie: Like many creatives before me, there is something so special and unattainable and I MUST RECREATE THEM.  They are a fleeting occurrence depending on the season, (and the gardener).  They improve any surrounding.  Let’s bottle that!

Jacquin: You mentioned that you decided to change majors in college to focus on art. What made you decide to change your career focus to becoming an artist?

Susie: I was bouncing between majors/minors.  I loved history, but had no direction.  I was doing well in psych and other behavioral studies… takes one to know one!  But did not feel passionate or challenged.  I did not consider art school until my parents made the suggestion.  They have always said, “Do what you love and make money doing it!”

Jacquin: What is your favorite painting you’ve created so far?

Susie: To date, it has to be Hydrangea Light VII (shown below). However, there is a persistent feeling that my favorite piece has yet to be created.  There are so many ideas and visions dancing in my head that I have yet to express… “Artists…”

Hydrangea Light VII – Available for purchase at Mecox

Jacquin: How has your experience been working as a professional artist? What advice would you give to others pursuing a career as an artist or creative professional?

Susie: It has been truly incredible!  The highs are high and the lows are a blessing in disguise!

Balance is important.  I used to keep a side gig for additional income, social interaction, and a proper schedule.  However, a lot of my work is commission based, and I am a “Yes!” person who loves a deadline!  It was difficult to keep everything running smoothly.  I took my art full time in 2019, but I miss having a strict schedule and social banter with my former work peeps!  We have a bébé en route this January that is sure to fill the void.

More advice: Say “Yes!”. Know your worth. And something I have yet to master, market yourself!  I cannot stand talking about my own work.  I’m often promoting others.  Be your own cheerleader.

Jacquin: What would be your dream project to work on?

I would love to try a mural.  The scale terrifies me in the best way, I know I need to take the plunge! My closest attempt may be my Hydrangea panels that were installed at The Slate, thanks to the very talented Jennifer Klos of The Collector House.

Jacquin: What are your favorite places for shopping and inspiration in the Dallas area?

  1. Mecox Gardens
  2. Nick Brock Antiques
  3. The Garden Gate
  4. La Vie Style House
  5. St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange
  6. Museums! They are inspirational and have fabulous gift shops with items specific to their collections and exhibitions.

Photography Credit: Khadijah Martin

Learn more about Susie Kwiatkowski’s artwork here.

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21 Ideas to Bring Into Your Home for 2021

Redfin has invited me to share an interior design idea for their roundup of expert design tips. I thought I’d share the feature with you! Here is an excerpt from the article. 

2020 affected almost every aspect of our lives, but it also helped many of us reconnect with our homes. This time spent inside has allowed us to begin the process of transforming our homes into more functional, peaceful places that reflect our own interests, experiences, and design preferences.

If you’re hoping to continue that process this year, you may be searching for some inspiration. Look no further. We had some of the top interior designers weigh in on the most popular colors, decor styles, and materials you can expect to see in 2021. So if you’re looking for some interior design ideas to update your home in the new year, here are the home trends experts predict are going to be huge.

1. Natural textures 

Natural textures such as cane, wood, rattan, leather, ceramics, matte metals, aged brass, bamboo, etc. are all on the rise in the interior design world and will continue to be throughout 2021. Employing natural textures (both in decor and furnishings) will bring immediate warmth and timeless interest allowing a natural cohesion of the elements throughout your space. – Porche & Co

5. Big, bold artwork 

If you want to create a well-designed home that reflects your unique personality, the artwork is key, specifically artwork that you truly love. I recommend hanging at least one work of art in every room. Bringing in the right art selection can truly transform your space and it’s a great way to show your personal style. – Interiors by Jacquin

8. Bringing the vacation vibe inside your home

For 2021 I expect a continuation of the “nesting” we saw from the previous year and that includes the layers of a life well-lived. Pull out your vacation photos and pieces you picked up while traveling and make them a part of your home. Have a favorite scenic photo blown up and framed to evoke the experience of travel and to encourage you to make plans for the future. – Greige Design

Read the full Redfin article here

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Terrazzo, Pavers, and Other Concrete Creations!

‘Venetian Mixed Chip’ terrazzo from Concrete Collaborative. Love this!

Learning about innovative company Concrete Collaborative has opened my eyes to the exciting range of possibilities available withing concrete flooring and tiles. From terrazzo to pavers to traditional tile, Concrete Collaborative has manipulated concrete into all sorts of chic selections. Their products are sustainably made in the United States and available to meet both your interior and exterior project needs. Let your imagination run wild as you peruse the world of concrete showcased below!

Concrete Collaborative’s “Strands” collection is their modern take on traditional encaustic tiles, with crisp patterns and clean lines. This collection is available in a large variety of colors and patterns available for purchase by the box at The Strands collection is offered in 8″ square or hexagon formats. The patterned pink tiles below are also from their Strands collection. Perfect for someone with a bold & contemporary design aesthetic. Above is their ‘Hex Racing Stripe” tile and below is their ‘Stripe and Circle” tile, both of which are offered in more color varieties than shown here.

For a taste of Italy try Concrete Collaborative’s terrazzo tile creations. Above is one of their Terrazzo tile options used as a backsplash by company This is Maison in NYC. Specifically, this is Concrete Collaborative’s ‘Venice Alabaster Mixed Chip’ slab. I really like how this project turned out. Terazzo is perfect for adding texture and color all in one design element. Terrazzo can also add a touch of romance to a space. The terrazzo slab below in their blush toned option definitely has me feeling the love!

Concrete Collaborative also sells pavers. These concrete pavers add a lovely pattern to this Chicago commercial space. The project shown here is still in the works, but will be finished with a pop of green turf between the squares. Great idea for a residential outdoor space as well!

With such a large variety available from Concrete Collaborative it is really hard to choose a favorite, but these black and white triangle pavers from their ‘Trails’ collection just might be it! This selection is available by the box at and is also offered in a range of colors as previously mentioned. Between Concrete Collaborative‘s website and Concrete Love, you’ll find all of their tile collections ready to enhance your next design project. Feeling inspired yet? I know I am!

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Touring Pittet Architecturals – Video

Exploring the world of antique architectural elements at Pittet Architecturals was an inspirational afternoon filled with history and amazing design finds. Pittet Architecturals is located in Dallas and houses a wide variety of antique architectural elements ranging from antique fountains, to unique doors, ancient basins, antique European columns, sculptures, and a large selection of antique stone and marble mantels. I was shown around their retail space by Robinson Pittet, a second generation antique and architecture lover who shared the fascinating histories behind many of their products.

Take a look at our video feature to get a sense of Pittet’s stunning and rare architectural offerings, while listening in on the vast histories behind these architectural elements.

Browsing Pittet Architecturals feels as if you’re exploring a hidden world of European history amidst their showcasing of the world’s finest architectural features. Their team travels to nations across Europe several times a year sourcing some of the oldest architectural finds in excellent shape, with a large portion of items from France, all to add a touch of antique beauty to your home or next commercial project. Shopping at Pittet Architecturals is the kind of experience that makes an antique lover out of everyone, and is the apex of exclusivity for those wanting to add one-of-a-kind architectural elements to their property.

Many of their pieces are quite transitional despite being antiques, and would make a wonderful addition to many spaces. This antique door turned coffee table, topped with custom glass, is a fabulous example of just this point. See also the carved wood furniture piece below – it’s fantastic!

Pittet Architecturals also offers antique mantels in a range of amazing finishes. I was especially interested to learn that you can take any of their antique mantel silhouettes and have a limestone version of it cut fresh in the necessary dimensions for your space.

“Shopping at Pittet Architecturals is the kind of experience that makes an antique lover out of everyone, and is the apex of exclusivity for those wanting to add one-of-a-kind architectural elements to their property.”

-Jacquin Headen, Interiors by Jacquin

My favorite architectural element during my tour with Robinson Pittet were these amazing doors! They have an especially interesting story about how they came to be in their Dallas shop that you can hear all about in the video. Pittet Architecturals’ inventory of such rare antique elements truly makes this shop a special gem in Dallas. You can visit Pittet Architecturals at 318 Cole Street in Dallas, TX or their store can ship any item you would like to purchase direct to you nationally. This store is definitely worth a visit for for the antiques guru and design lover alike!

Photo credit: Kristen Chilstrom // Video credit: Kendall Zapoli

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‘New Traditional’ Interior Design Style

As with all things, trends in interior design tend to shift and change with time. Some trends come and go, while others remain long past the time of their conception – like the long-lasting love of mid-century modern style pieces and recreations that many tend to possess today.

New Traditional is a design style that reaches further into the past than mid-century modern, although some mid-century pieces could be incorporated into this kind of decor style: the New Traditional wave is less about choosing one design era as inspiration and more about the juxtaposition of styles old and new..

To recreate this style, think very old and very new: ornate crown molding is considered interesting and unique, neoclassical-inspired decor is so old that it’s new again.

Due to its nature, the New Traditional style can take shape in multiple ways: it can lean more eclectic, more traditional, or more modern. Typically, its colors are more classic and subdued, but the space is never boring and the pieces incorporated should possess either clean lines, ornate and classic detailing, or some callback to past design eras.

Try Combining a Traditional Planter Urn with an Ornate Ceiling Medallion:

This Perigold planter is the perfect place for a high-reaching palm or bird of paradise plant – plants are a nice way to add literal life to a room, as well as visual vibrancy and interest when placed amongst a room full of well-styled but traditionally-inspired pieces. $710 – Perigold

Ceiling medallions – especially when atop a midcentury-style light fixture – are peak New Traditional. They are making a comeback, adding an extra touch of classic style to one of the most underrated but most impactful parts of a room – the ceiling. $320 ea.,

Pull it all together with this unexpected, contemporary chandelier!

This is the Ian K. Fowler Bistro Chandelier from Foundry – $2,175

Are you ready to give traditional decorating a try with a contemporary twist?

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Exploring the Papa Bear Chair

The Papa Bear chair is one of the original chair designs created by prolific designer Hans J. Wegner. Wegner (1914-2007) was an architect, and is still today considered one of the pioneering forces in furniture design. In his lifetime, Wegner created nearly 500 chair designs, many of which are considered masterpieces. One of his most widely utilized chairs is the Wishbone Chair, but the Papa Bear chair is also seen quite often in today’s interiors.

The Papa Bear chair received its name after “a critic had referred to its armrests as great bear paws embracing you from behind.” Looking at a few images of the namesake chair, this description seems accurate – most of the chair’s “weight” is really at the top and in the arms of the chair. There is a tapering of the chair’s width from top to bottom, and the encapsulating back of the chair really does appear to “hug” or embrace the user. Perfect for relaxing in cozy, comfort.

On its own, the chair’s shape might appear unusual, strong, or highly “retro” or mid-century modern – but the truth is, this chair style can fit into any number of different styles of room designs. Take a look at some of the following instances of the Papa Bear chair fitting in just right with other design elements.

In this scene, the Papa Bear chair’s unique shape brings a structural and stately look to a neutral room full of grays and soft tones.

Upholstered in bright colors – especially a mismatched chair and ottoman combo –  the Papa Bear chair can take on a bolder, mid-century modern look.

A Papa Bear chair in a cozy, sun-kissed nook is the perfect place to curl up, lean back and read a book or just unwind. Available in nearly endless colors and upholstery finishes, the shape of this chair can be utilized in a number of different room styles.

You really can’t go wrong with the Papa Bear chair, no matter the vibe or style you’re aiming for. The chair can take up as much or as little attention in a room as a designer or individual would like. Here, the bright magenta color of the chair is seen in other pieces such as the wall art and the leather pouf, so the color doesn’t stand out. The warm wood tones  of the credenza and an art piece seem to balance and marry the bright colors in this room, and the eye has plenty of places to wander in this space before landing on the Papa Bear chair.

Overall, the Papa Bear chair is a timeless piece of furniture that stands against the test of time, pointing high, spreading wide, showing off its beautiful strong angles balanced with gentle curves and slopes. The chair’s comfort and appearance together are probably what make this such a timeless piece.

What do you think of the Papa Bear chair? Would you ever try this piece of furniture in your home?

By Interiors by Jacquin intern – Christiana Metrakos

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Japanese Shou Sugi Ban

Shou Sugi Ban is the Japanese technique of burning or charring wood. It’s a stunning wood treatment to consider for the modern and contemporary home, especially for those wanting to make an eye-catching statement. This charring technique creates a richly hued, dark color in wood that actually highlights the unique texture and grain of each piece of wood. It also happens to dramatically increase the wood’s durability and strength, which is another noteworthy bonus to Shou Sugi Ban, and happens to be the main reason this technique was initiated in Japan centuries ago.

via Barn Light Electric Company
Shou Sugi Ban tree stump coffee table – with free shipping!

There are some cutting edge, contemporary designs being produced using Shou Sugi Ban techniques. The coffee tables shown and the furniture below are beautiful examples of contemporary Shou Sugi Ban furniture.

Shou Sugi Ban & Burnished Steel Primal Coffee Table by Egg Designs
via Emrahus
Interior Design Laboratorium

The steps necessary to accomplish a Shou Sugi Ban wood technique are actually relatively simple, but it still needs to be done with great care and safety. Of course learning how to build your own furniture with Shou Sugi Ban wood would be a feat, but simpler applications like a paneled accent wall could be more easily achieved by the average person.

Step-by-Step Shou Sugi Ban Process:

1) Burn the wood – Use a propane torch to char the wood. Add scorch marks to areas of the wood, without completely blackening the entire piece of wood. Make sure to be safe by wearing protective glasses and keeping water and a fire extinguisher near by.

2) Brush the wood – After you have finished burning the wood to your liking, then wet the wood and scrub it with a wire brush. The more you brush the wood with the wire brush, the lighter the finish will become. Stop at your desired wood tone.

3) Wash the wood – Thereafter you need to wash the wood to remove the dust and loose charred pieces. Then allow to completely dry.

4) Finish the wood – Seal and finish the wood once dried with Tung or Penefin Oil to preserve your Shou Sugi Ban’d wood long term.

via Snickeriet
via Grassroots Modern – Sett Studio Prefab

When charring wood you’ll find that there are range of shades you can accomplish depending on how extensively you burn the wood. With a lighter hand, you will create variations of wood tones with some darker areas like in the wood above, but with a heavier hand you can create a completely ebony shade of wood.

Design by Mindy Gayer

I personally love the idea of using Shou Sugi Ban wood for an exterior door or coffee table. While you can stain wood black, there is something special about the effect that charring wood creates. It’s the kind of wood treatment you should select if you really want to make a bold statement. There are several companies providing Shou Sugi Ban wood planks for flooring and other uses ready to go! Check out Reclaimed DesignWorks,, and Montana Timber Products to see their Shou Sugi Ban wood collections.

Below you’ll see the design work of Stefan Bishop. After this designer’s expert Shou Sugi Ban application, each ring within the interior of the wood pops out with dramatic flair. Truly a work of art!

Furniture design by Stefan Bishop

How would you use Shou Sugi Ban within your home? Would you give it a try for your home’s exterior paneling, or perhaps your cabinets or a coffee table? Share you Shou Sugi Ban preferences in the comments below!

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8 Ways to Disguise Your TV! – with

This is a sponsored post featuring

Looking for a way to enjoy your TV without blocking your window’s view or ruining the aesthetic of your room? has come up with patented technology to hide away your TV and then re-appear when needed at the press of a remote button. Their motorized television lifts are a terrific convenience that preserve the style of a room by hiding large screen TVs and monitors, bringing them out at the push of a remote control button. They also offer stunning TV mirrors that appear as regular decorative mirrors when the TV is not in use. Perfect for the person who doesn’t want their TV to take away from their room’s beautiful decor!

(1) Linear Honeycomb TV Lift Cabinet

For those of you who prefer modern and contemporary design, this Linear Honeycomb TV Lift Cabinet is a great choice. I love the aesthetic of this option and it will help you to keep your space free of obstruction when your TV is not in use. Their motorized TV lifts will allow your TV to re-appear at the press of a button.

(2) 49″ 4K UHD Seura Entertainment TV Mirror – Frameless (more sizes available!)

This attractive TV disguise is my favorite! Have you ever noticed that in interior design magazines, you never see any televisions in the editorial? Purchasing a mirror TV is the best way to achieve an editorial-ready interior without allowing your TV to cramp your style. Your mirror TV will blend in perfectly and will reflect light into the room when not in use, just like your traditional mirror would. This mirror TV model comes in various sizes and is frameless. However, they also offer a framed version that looks just like a work of art. Read on to see more!

(3) Magnolia TV Lift Cabinet in White Oak Finish

The artwork shown here is my own creation! See more artwork at our online shop.

Avoid blocking the view of your wall art or window view with this contemporary, white TV Lift Cabinet. Your TV is perfectly hidden away until you’re ready to watch it!

(4) 49″ Smart TV Mirror with Frame (more sizes available!)

Here’s the second option available for the mirror TVs. This version is great for those of you with more traditional design taste. This mirrored TV is beautifully framed and looks just like a custom framing job. Allow this mirror TV to blend into your interior with ease, plus add a fine art touch to your space.

(5) Adagio Black TV Lift Cabinet

Are you looking for a black TV stand that will disguise your TV? This just may be the perfect option for you. This minimalist TV Lift Cabinet is complete with attractive brass hardware that will give your space a luxury look and feel.

(6) Magnolia TV Lift Cabinet in Grey Oak Finish

Gray is everyone’s favorite neutral shade nowadays, and with good reason. This classic option will go with both traditional or contemporary decor and is finished with luxurious gold hardware. TV Lift Cabinets are a great option for not only under a window, for example, but they are also a wonderful solution for people who prefer their TV closer to them like right at the foot of their bed in their bedroom. This compact TV cabinet fits perfectly at the foot of your bed, and will hide your television with ease.

(7) Concord Caramel Finish TV Lift Cabinet

If you enjoy the classic look of wood, has a wide range of selections in various wood tones and styles to meet your nees. This is just a sampling of what is available to you. You can choose a more modern wood TV cabinet, or select a more traditional option. The options are endless!

(8) Pacifica TV Lift Cabinet (for up to 75 inch TVs)

Last but not least, here is one of their more traditional wood TV Lift Cabinet options. There truly is something for everyone. Head over to their website to see their full range of options, and if you still can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, also offers custom built TV Lift Cabinets to your own specifications and style. You will truly be impressed by their motorized TV Lift Cabinets and mirror TV options. Hiding your TV when not in use will take your room’s decor to the next level!

Learn more about this brand at their website at

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