Global Inspirations: Exploring the Culture and Beauty of Moroccan Rugs

Photo via Kelly Martin Interiors

Moroccan culture has captivated our attention with their exquisite rugs, but many people don’t know much about the origins of their striking designs. Moroccan rugs were introduced into mid-century modern interiors in the 1920’s, however these vivid rugs date back to the Paleolithic Era where the native people of Morocco hand-crafted them as an intrinsic part of their survival. 

Due to the harsh climates of North Africa, the Moroccan Berber tribes hand constructed the rugs to protect their families from either the frosty Atlas Mountains or the blazing Sahara Desert. Because of the different climates, tribes created various unique carpet styles. However, in most tribes the art of rug weaving was traditionally passed down from mother to daughter, and each design carried strong culturally symbolic meaning. 

The intricate geometric patterns portrayed themes of fertility, spirituality, and male protection; they also depicted the extraordinary stories of its weaver. Moroccan rugs are valued for their one-of-a-kind designs. There are over 45 different types of Moroccan rugs, but we’ll be looking at three popular styles today: the Beni Ourain, the Azilal style, and the Boucherouite

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Beni Ourain: Nuts for Neutrals
Beni Ourain rugs come in neutral tones with dark geometric lines. These thick wool beauties can be incorporated into minimalist interiors, paired with bright furnishings, or intertwined with other lively prints. The options are endless! 

Photo via Semikah Textiles features rug style Silhouette.

Photo by Laure Joliet designed by Emily Henderson featuring home of Bri Emery.

Azilal: Brilliantly Bold
Azilal rugs are known for their vibrant coloring and abstract patterns. The antique look of these textiles creates a beautiful contrast against modern interiors, and would also unite seamlessly with vintage decor. 

Product from Baba Souk.

Photo via My Domaine.

Boucherouite: Alluring Artistry
Boucherouite rugs were woven from different scraps of materials by Berber women, which resulted in exquisitely unique works of art. No two of these colorful creations are the same, a quality that is highly sought-after!

Photo from Lef Living.

Photo via Femina.

The true true beauty of the Moroccan rugs lie in the depth and meaning that each design carries. Every stitch holds a magnificent piece of history derived out of a rich and fascinating culture. Decorating with any of these elegant rugs will breathe life into countless interiors spaces. 

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