Globetrotting in Style: Spain with style blogger Morgan Lillian

Hey there! I’m Morgan Lillian, fashion blogger and founder of the Morgan Lillian blog.  This Summer I had the pleasure of traveling all around Spain eating, drinking, and experiencing the unforgettable culture, and by that, I mean having the best time of my life.  Spain is really something else, and I am so excited to share my top places and spaces that are a must visit WHEN IN Rome SPAIN.  

1. CASA DELFIN – Paseo del Borne, Barcelona 

Casa Delfin is a local favorite, as it has classical appeal and traditional tapas dishes.  The location in Paseo del Borne is the perfect combination of nightlife and a non-touristic feel. Whether you are out on the patio or inside the restaurant, you really get the full experience of Spain through the older, traditional interior mixed with their exceptional version of tapas
If you go you must order the pa amb tomaquet (bread with tomato) and the mussels!  I’m not one for mussels, but these made me rethink everything I have ever known. 
Style: Love this matching set from Mango (and
if you’re into fashion at all, you really must go).  It is the perfect outfit for going out.  You can find this set here.

2. Isla de Santa Clara– San Sebastian 

Hands down the best part of my trip!
This island is the perfect little escape from the mainland, not to mention you can buy sangria from a little stand right on the island.  It’s about a 7 minute boat ride to the amazing location that looks out toward the mainland.  And the crisp, blue water is the clearest blue you will ever see.  Mix that with lounging  back relaxing with a pitcher of sangria and you have yourself the most relaxing day ever.
Style: This off the shoulder romper by
Topshop is light and airy, which was a must for this hot day in Spain. You can find it here


3.La Musa Restaurant – Madrid 

If I had to chose my favorite restaurant on this trip it would be La Musa.  It isn’t your traditional Spanish food, but it has an array of different international cuisines. This trendy and welcoming restaurant is decorated with a mix of modern, rustic, and retro pieces creating a totally unique environment.  According to the locals, this restaurant is often visited by many of the movie stars in the area…so trust me, you wanna go. 


Style: Love this graphic dress! While this dress is no longer available, here is a similar one just as great.
I felt as though I wore the perfect dress when I arrived at the restaurant.  The print seemed to flawlessly fit right in, not to mention it was perfect for walking around the rest of the day.  
These 3 places were only a small glimpse of just how great Spain really is.  The photos don’t even come close to doing Spain justice, meaning you will just have to go to experience the wonder for yourself.  If you have been to Spain, then you know exactly what I am talking about.  Thank you for letting me share my amazing trip and I hope I’ve inspired you to think about your next vacation, destination: Spain! 
Morgan Lillian
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