5 Ways to Give Wicker a Contemporary Spin

When it comes to wicker, you may think of more traditional design, but it can be done with a contemporary spin as well! Here are my tips for styling wicker with fresh, contemporary style. 

1.  So we’ve all seen wicker seating, but when you use wicker in unexpected ways, it really brings a freshness to this age-old material.  Try a wicker chandelier to mix things up! Here’s an awesome DIY tutorial for creating your own, stylish wicker chandelier shade

Image via InspriationDeco

I love this particular wicker chandelier (shown below).  It’s so unique!  You can purchase it here

2. Mix and match wicker furniture with industrial style decor to create a contemporary look. (Like with these galvanized steel bistro chairs here and here.) 


Image via HGTV

Image via Greige Design, for purchase here.
If you like these awesome wicker chairs shown above, you can buy them here!

3. Create an eclectic accent wall featuring decorative baskets or special wicker accents like in this global-meets-contemporary home shown below.  Find your own unique wicker baskets to display here.

Image via Decor4All

4. Try uniquely shaped wicker seating for your home!  I bet you’ve never seen wicker in a living room quite like this before. (see below) 

Image via FreshHomeDotter Solfjeld Architects

Image via The Kenzers

5. Don’t forget to consider antique & vintage wicker options for your home (like shown in the living room below).  

I actually found a stunning wrought iron dining set that included chairs with wicker backs and a wicker table base with a glass top, all from Salvation Army! I re-painted the wrought iron in high-gloss black paint and re-upholstered the seats. It was the perfect combination in my contemporary apartment and I received compliments all the time! Sadly, I can’t locate a photo now, but it may make an appearance in the future. Wicker is the best!

Image via Houzz, Chris Nguyen of Analog Dialog
You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the versatility of wicker. Try your hand at updating a space in your home with this dynamic material. 

Already enjoying wicker? Tell us about your favorite wicker decor element at home!

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Author: InteriorsbyJacquin