‘New Traditional’ Interior Design Style

As with all things, trends in interior design tend to shift and change with time. Some trends come and go, while others remain long past the time of their conception – like the long-lasting love of mid-century modern style pieces and recreations that many tend to possess today.

New Traditional is a design style that reaches further into the past than mid-century modern, although some mid-century pieces could be incorporated into this kind of decor style: the New Traditional wave is less about choosing one design era as inspiration and more about the juxtaposition of styles old and new..

To recreate this style, think very old and very new: ornate crown molding is considered interesting and unique, neoclassical-inspired decor is so old that it’s new again.

Due to its nature, the New Traditional style can take shape in multiple ways: it can lean more eclectic, more traditional, or more modern. Typically, its colors are more classic and subdued, but the space is never boring and the pieces incorporated should possess either clean lines, ornate and classic detailing, or some callback to past design eras.

Try Combining a Traditional Planter Urn with an Ornate Ceiling Medallion:

This Perigold planter is the perfect place for a high-reaching palm or bird of paradise plant – plants are a nice way to add literal life to a room, as well as visual vibrancy and interest when placed amongst a room full of well-styled but traditionally-inspired pieces. $710 – Perigold

Ceiling medallions – especially when atop a midcentury-style light fixture – are peak New Traditional. They are making a comeback, adding an extra touch of classic style to one of the most underrated but most impactful parts of a room – the ceiling. $320 ea., buymbs.com

Pull it all together with this unexpected, contemporary chandelier!

This is the Ian K. Fowler Bistro Chandelier from Foundry – $2,175

Are you ready to give traditional decorating a try with a contemporary twist?

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