The Stylish Planters of Etsy

It’s Springtime so plant a few seeds at home to enjoy beautiful blooms indoors!  Selecting a fabulous planter is a great first step toward bringing plant life and color into your home!  These stylish planters from Etsy are sure to inspire you to create your own indoor garden.  And the best thing about Etsy is that everyone can enjoy this amazing marketplace of handmade goods internationally.  
  1. Hanging Succulent Terrarium – The Zen
  2. Metal Address Plaque & Succulent
    Wall Planter – Urban Mettle
  3. Boxcar Succulent Planters, solid walnut with robin’s eggblue – RevolutionDH
  4. Aquatic
    World II Aquarium Planter – iEcofun
  5. Ceramic Porcelain Planter with Leather Cord,
    Geometric Faceted finish – Revisions Design Studio
  6. Five
    Assorted Succulents with Rustic Acacia Wood Bowl –
    Botany Décor
  7. Hanging Herb Garden Planter – Nicole
  8. Diamond
    Pattern Hanging Pineapple Planter – This is a
Which planter is your favorite?

Author: InteriorsbyJacquin