Mekeka Designs – Bringing Ugandan artistry to the U.S.

I am pleased to introduce you to Mekeka Designs, a textile brand working alongside expert weavers in Uganda to create beautiful products for your home and beyond. Showcasing and supporting globally inspired design brands is a large passion of mine, and Mekeka Designs embodies a brand that takes a philanthropic approach to working with native design techniques. Mekeka Designs is owned by Lesli Robertson, a textile expert in her own right, who has traveled to Uganda and utilized traditional weaving materials (grass cloth) to create stylish new products for the Western audience. During my video interview with Lesli she explains how Ugandans traditionally utilize woven grass cloth, and how she has developed products that put a fresh spin on how this material has been used traditionally.

I have divided this video interview into a Part 1 and Part 2 below. In Part 1 Lesli shares the meaning of ‘Mekeka’ and dives into the process with a behind the scenes look at the artisans in Uganda. Part 2 expands on Lesli’s unique background in academia teaching fiber arts while also sharing some of Lesli’s exciting travel experiences from Uganda to Armenia to Kuwait. You will definitely want to watch both short videos!

Part 1 – Getting to know the Mekeka brand and process:

‘Shadow” throw pillow design.
Collection of Mekeka Designs woven throw pillows, available for purchase on their website. All sustainably sourced.

Mekeka Designs also sells woven clutch purses in a range of stunning designs.

In Part 2 of our video you’ll hear all about Lesli’s exciting global travels including the interesting stories behind these travel souvenirs!

Part 2 – Lesli Robertson’s background and exciting travel experiences:

Front: ‘Sekamu’ throw pillow. Back: ‘Coral Arrow’ throw pillow.

Support the weavers of Uganda and the Mekeka Designs brand by purchasing one of their stunning throw pillows or clutch purses. Each product is sustainably sourced and handcrafted with care.

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The artwork in the background of this photo is from talented artist Delaney Smith.

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