At home with Jacquin – My bedroom tour!

Welcome to my home! Check out these stunning Michael Aram “Palm” frames above. My favorite photo frames for a touch of gold! Read on for more!

Hi friends! I am sharing a peek into my home today, specifically sharing my bedroom tour with you all. There are a lot of exciting features showcased, and I will share the links to all of the decor resources throughout this post. I have to give a shout out to my amazing (and patient) photographer Esther Huynh for making these photos really pop! Thank you, Esther! I have made a few changes to my bookcase styling since this photoshoot, but this blog feature still captures the essence of my bedroom decor. If you want to see how I’ve updated my bookcase styling, then head over to my Instagram stories to see what’s changed since then. Now back to the home tour details…

One decorative element I set out to include in my bedroom were matching mirrors above my nightstands. I wanted to brighten my room and I knew that reflective surfaces, like mirrors opposite of my windows, would do the job. These mirrors are from Hansen Wholesale and I just love their dreamy shape… and of course they are highly effective at reflecting sunlight throughout my bedroom.

Those candlestick holders on the right are from renowned Copenhagen design house, Broste, and are a moment all on their own! I found these candlestick holders at Amara.

You may have seen the blog post I did last year on company Flowerbox Wall Gardens, but if you haven’t the wall garden above happens to be from their company and is a preserved flower garden that can last over 2 years! I highly recommend their beautiful selections, although I must admit that I could have gone with an even larger wall garden. Nevertheless, they did a fabulous job and it is always a conversation starter in my room.

As an art lover I had to make room for a small gallery wall in my bedroom, and I am so glad I did! (see below) Having these warm and colorful works of art in my room is always inspirational and adds a little sunshine to gloomy days. The painting shown on the far left is my most recent artwork find, and is by the artist Isabelle Feliu. I went to the Michael’s store to have this work framed and had a lot of fun selecting colorful mating to make this work of art stand out even more.

Let’s also talk about statement outlet & switchplate covers! You’ll see that I didn’t miss a moment to even decorate my electrical outlets (see above). These painted glass outlet covers are from and are available for your light switch covers as well.

When it comes to books, this small showing on my bedroom bookcase is far from my full collection! One of favorite activities with my husband is visiting thrift stores to find books for our personal library, and let’s just say our collection has grown exponentially since picking up this hobby. These specific books however are some of my favorites right now. I specifically recommend checking out the books Matisse in the Studio (my favorite artist!) and as a speaker on negotiation related topics, I must also recommend the book Ask For It, which explores the negotiating power of women, and why we aren’t using it. For further training on the topic of negotiation tactics, I recommend participating in one of my upcoming negotiation training workshops! These negotiation workshops are available for both individuals and groups, virtually as well as in-person. Email me for details.

Photography by Esther Huynh

Thanks for joining me for this mini home tour! I will be sharing other unseen photos from my bedroom tour on my Instagram stories. Head over to my Instagram account for more behind the scenes fun!

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