Oak Cliff for Design Lovers – video

If you’re new to our “Design Lovers” video series, it’s definitely something you’ll want to keep up with! Within this video series I’ll travel to different neighborhoods and cities to showcase the best locations to visit there for design lovers. We’re starting off showcasing various parts of Texas, but we’ll be featuring cities throughout the U.S. and will ultimately showcase international cities as well. This edition of Design Lovers brings us to Oak Cliff, an artsy neighborhood in South Dallas filled with boutiques and creative small businesses. This creative nook within Oak Cliff is called the Bishop Arts District and it’s centrally located outside of downtown Dallas. When you’re next in Oak Cliff, I recommend visiting Ellison Valencia Gallery, Oasis Plant Shop, Oil and Cotton, Home on Bishop, and Harkensback boutique. These locations happen to be walking distance from one another and will definitely peak the interest of design and art lovers. Continue on to see just why these places are so great. Your time in this neighborhood will not disappoint!

Ellison Valencia Gallery

Our first stop in Oak Cliff is the impressive Ellison Valencia Gallery on Bishop Avenue. The owners, Cody Ellison and Ken Valencia, are incredibly friendly and are committed to showcasing a broad range of contemporary artists from Dallas and international destinations. When decorating your home or business I always remind people not to neglect decorating their walls with eye catching artwork. Ellison Valencia gallery makes selecting a bold piece of artwork easy with their unique collection. I loved practically everything in this gallery! If selecting the right work of art for your space makes you nervous, remember that Interiors by Jacquin offers artwork advisory & selection services. Ellison Valencia gallery is located on the main street in Oak Cliff, on Bishop Avenue, which is the small business hub of this creative neighborhood. Stop by and say hi to Ken and Cody! 408 N. Bishop Avenue, Dallas, TX 75208

Manuel Herrera’s Frida Kahlo inspired painting at Ellison Valencia Gallery.

Oasis Plant Shop

Just adjacent to the Bishop Avenue shopping strip you’ll find Oasis Plant Shop. A fabulous, women owned business that has turned a historical Oak Cliff home into a multi-room plant shop. Store owners Bethany and Hannah have arranged this home into a low-light plant room, a medium-light plant room, and a bright sunlight plant room so that you can find a plant that will fit into your own home’s setup more easily. At Oasis Plant Shop you’ll find a wide range of plants from the smallest air plants to potted trees. Don’t forget to check out their backyard area! There are more plants and greenery there too. Subscribe to their email list to learn about there in-store events throughout the year. 416 W. Eighth Street, Dallas, TX 75208

Oil and Cotton

If you love doing arts & crafts then Oil and Cotton is a must visit! Oil and Cotton offers hands-on workshops for both adults and children, in addition to selling art supplies. They bring in professional artists to guide students in learning new techniques and creating unique, artistic projects. One of Oil and Cottons’ expert teachers is artist Delaney Smith! Delaney happens to be an Oak Cliff resident and she was kind enough to show me around Oil and Cotton and a few of the other favorite locations in the neighborhood. Oil and Cottons’ offerings range from 1-day workshops to multi-week courses. Visit their website to learn about their upcoming arts & crafts events. 817 W. Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75208

The artwork on the left is from Delaney Smith‘s workshop at Oil and Cotton.

Home on Bishop

Oak Cliff’s Bishop Avenue is also home to lifestyle boutique Home on Bishop. This store focuses on selling one-of-a-kind home decor, fashion accessories, clothing and more. Their inventory is constantly changing and there is always something unique available for design, fashion, and art lovers. This store never sells the same accessory twice, so you’ll be sure to stand out with anything you find at this amazing shop. Tell them that Jacquin sent you when you stop by! 502 N. Bishop Ave., Dallas, TX 75208

Home on Bishop also sells amethyst stones in both smaller and large sizes.


Rounding out our inspirational Oak Cliff store recommendations is sustainable fashion boutique Harkensback. Their handmade clothing and accessories are locally made and have an artistic vibe to them for any creative who wants to look the part. Harkensback decor is moody with a cool seventies and urban noir aesthetic. They also sell a stunning collection of leather goods that I’m sure you’ll love. Harkensback is also located on Bishop Avenue making it easy to walk all of these destinations in a single afternoon. 401 N. Bishop Ave., Dallas, TX 75208

Artist Delaney Smith twirling in this fab Harkensback coat!

Ready to hop in your car and visit Oak Cliff’s Bishop Art District? This up-and-coming neighborhood is a creative persons dream! Stay tuned for more in this “Design Lovers” series as the year progresses. If you missed our last edition, head over to the Fort Worth for Design Lovers feature to see my top picks for design lovers visiting Fort Worth. Remember to subscribe above to receive the latest blog articles and event invitations!

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Photography: Kendall Zapoli // Video Editing: Nikhil Clayton

Author: InteriorsbyJacquin